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^ they look really good on you. i have quite a skinny build, think sized up would swamp me.
huh, those are sized up ghurkas? they don't look too different to my TTS
Nah 87, that was my favourite shit. Polo shit, everything was lovely man
church's shannon derby?
same for me, although i think some of the lower-priced suitsupply models are probably better (i believe all their suits are half-canvassed) and not a lot more expensive
had a quick look in store today, measurements on the UK site are accurate. I have a 39" chest, usually look for 17.5" shoulder measurement, and an M fit me well.quality seemed acceptable for the price point, reasonably soft flannel.
@mbaum you're right, the camera angle is bad here, and i was pretty casual the way i threw it on. i'm a lean dude so it's not like i care about something 'making me look fat'. i just mean that many other jackets i own have a more conventionally flattering fit: this has narrow shoulders and then flares out as it goes down, so that the excess around the midsection causes a bulge when you belt it. i still like it though
lol, i think it's a beautiful piece but noob is right, it's not actually what you'd call a 'flattering' fit, on me at least. falls in that category of things you want to own because they're awesome rather than because they make you look like a sexy mofo
dat eg midriff bulge
cool, i was there a couple of years ago. i like that you wore margiela to hang out with the radioactive wolves
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