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HN is hilarious, i went to visit a while back and they have peir and norse projects alongside standard haute eurotrash brands that are no doubt their staple sellers. none of the assistants had a clue about any of it, and the only other person in the entire menswear zone was a 17 yr old kid with his mother who seemed to be about to spend several thousand on balenciaga sneakers. pretty sure they will get AW16 though.
ah, right. her instagram seems to indicate that harvey nichols will stock the FW16 iteration.
huh, where are you guys getting these coats? i thought that one could only be MTO from peir herself
yeah pictures please! i didn't realise how beautiful that fabric is 'til i saw it in daylight.
are the first cut a slim straight, or more relaxed top block/tapered? hard to tell from the images i've seen. also, TTS? thanks
you really are a fucking moron
yes really good, what model are those trous?
glad this has been a learning experience for you. As a professional, how would you summarise your findings? 'conclusion: it was found that if one makes pompous dimwitted pronouncements on the internet, fails to respond to (or even, apparently, grasp) counter-arguments and generally acts in an annoying manner , people will respond in a mostly negative way'?
you really are an annoying little fucker aren't you. ever hear of wittgenstein and 'ordinary language'? anyway, answer the question
problem is the arguments you put forward are ridiculous. -appeals to authority (wtf does 'pleasing to the senses' even mean? whose senses?) that anybody with any genuine creative experience realises is utterly spurious -'backed up' with reference to a hilariously predictable DWM western-centric canon it's surely evident that reactionary bullshit like the stuff you're spouting would lead to utter creative stasis, whether in art, music or fashion.
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