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flying lotus was one of the most amazing gigs i've ever been to. mid way through his set i suddenly realised that the guy who owns his record label rents my apartment from me, that very morning we'd been discussing cracked bathroom tiles
what's the closest thing i can get to the yang li derby now? i looked at current trickers, cheaney etc but the shape is less refined. most heavy derbies look like orthopaedic shoes in black
@RegisDB9 I was talking to the manager of the london store the other day, who said that going forward the mens' line will have two distinct themes, one the existing 'classic' margiela styling, the other more following the direction of MM6. This is good news to me at least, I've really liked a lot of the MM6 stuff I've seen in person http://en.vogue.fr/defiles/fall-winter-2013-2014-new-york-mm6-maison-martin-margiela/7823/diaporama/show-506/11247/pag
@Synthese last year at marienbad? incredible film, but delphine seyrig's outfits alone would make it worth watching
looks great, which trousers are those?
already have a black 5 zip, tempted by this one
the reason i mentioned it was that it seemed quite indicative: according to my friends in academia, if you want a high profile career, articles published etc you are much better off hitching your wagon to joyce than the other 'big name' european modernists right now@noob for all the pure heroin rush of parts of proust, there is also a lot of boredom, no? i mean, boredom is intrinsic to the texture of the novel, and it's even more noticeable to a modern reader. you can have...
MMMs look good, but have you seen the CPs IRL? black ones just look clunky to me, i would go for white
i've been debating this with schneider/+j trousers recently, went for no cuff slight break
proust absolutely lives up to the hype: funny how much he's been sidelined, in academic circles at least, by the whole joyce industry. i went to a talk recently by a world-renowned joyce scholar and at the end i mentioned proust, contrasting the structure of finnegans wake with a la recherche. his response: 'ive never managed to get through proust, i felt it was kinda OCD'. just incredible... shorter classics that i've re-read recently: melville's bartleby, pretty much...
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