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yeah but this would cover pretty much anything at all 'creative'/academic, and indeed most things except financier or big time corporate dude. all of my friends who are senior/chief curators at major galleries, artists, fashion designers are being pushed out, it's pretty grim
it is ridiculous, a two bedroom house around the trendy (still fairly rundown) areas of east london is easily over a million GBP now. Estate agents are so lazy, they only do group viewings where like 40+ people show up, then it goes to sealed bids and invariably over the asking price for anything that looks good. People have been saying the market will crash since at least the late 90s, hasn't happened so far. And with SWFs etc underpinning it doesn't seem likely.
coat is perfect, HL has a beautiful drape
thanks, do you know if they ship internationally? (i'm in london)
anybody know a web stockist for the khaki 'shop coat' he's wearing in the first shots?
sunny day, tried to look vaguely spring-y
is navy ripstop bedford and olive ripstop fatigues just too damn much ripstop?
looks great but second in particular seems like it might be itchy even through tights or whatever. your wife could easily be tougher than me though
yeah, great fit. wish i'd bought that coat now
thanks, i'd been thinking about her dark grey moleskins. best thing about MH site is that under 'title' it gives you an option for lord/lady
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