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coat: MMM ( Rico Suave Manly Shoulder Crew) jawnz: uniqlo boots HMMMMM
i thought Rais had this sewn up but since Parker referenced DLR-era Van Halen i'm seriously conflicted
"And so", says Antishuis- you can hear him running a hand distractedly through his bristly thinning hair, a habit that's beyond annoying- "you had to quit. The question is.. you know the question." Pause. If you twisted your neck around, he'd be staring out at the steel-grey morning, fiddling with the arm of his glasses, perhaps rearranging pencils on the desk beside him. What do you expect? You've been through this a thousand times. Company X buys brand Y, thereby...
Lang camel clan (GHOSTFACE Y U LEAVE UUSSS) folk shirt marni boiled poly trou C&J
is there still no news on european stockists? thought he said something was in the works
if your calves/ankles are naturally skinny they seem almost impossible to build up. i calf raise what i squat, up to 2x bw (160kg). my thighs get bulkier but for calves there's no discernible change
[[SPOILER]] scarf is 82", but im shorter than you ( 5'10")
^ yeah harnden looks great NN! thanks for the comments guys..@metranger8694 sorry i don't know much about the scarf's provenance, it was 'inherited' from an ex-gf. no label but it has a granny-knitted feel. sns herning has some not-dissimilar designs
junya uniqlo officine creative
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