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huh. i agree it's pretty pointless bickering about who's the best (straight away i think of the old guys in the barber shop in 'coming to america'). but just taking that quote at face value and out of context, to me it has a hollow ring in the sense that it reaches for easy images of the eternal/sublime; there's a certain (ersatz?) melvillian poetry to it but melville's extraordinary rhetorical flights are balanced by reams of careful exposition. even then I don't think...
damn, dude. so who does write really good english prose then?
if you mean pale fire, no not at all, you quickly get used to the format and then its really funny and towards the end has an almost filmic momentum.Thanks for the reply noob, I notice there's a lot of pre-publicity for his new collection here, plus some parts of it have featured in the new yorker- they actually read as bizarrely conventional compared to the one thing i've read of his (notable american women). I didn't know he had links with mcsweeney's, i've never read...
I read the gift years ago, it's wonderful but i felt there was a lot i was missing. I think each of the main parts contains motifs from a great Russian writer- Lermontov, Chekhov etc- so in many ways it's his love letter/farewell to Russian literature. Having only read those writers in translation, a lot of that went over my head. Also, even though he translated it himself, I don't think the prose is quite up to the level of the books he wrote in english. Pnin is just...
could someone pls size me for that dana lee, im 5'11"/ 170. looking at an M but the back length says 28*, which seems pretty short, i thought it was supposed to fit slouchy
how did i not notice this thread before? 12056+40= 12096
great fit. if that's the coat whose shoulders you were worried about, they look fine to me
5 zip in a 48, £399 BIN http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/131112201386?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649
thanks for the feedback, yeah the sleeves definitely need to be shortened. as for the rest, i think it's good- shoulders/chest are spot on, it's just the longer skirt that i'm not used to, but that's clearly how it's meant to be, perhaps i just need to make more dramatic entrances/exits
morgellion coat, beautiful heavy wool and an unusual cut: trim ( but padded) shoulders, waisted, then a long slightly flared skirt. not quite sure what to wear with this, maybe some black flannel trousers? [[SPOILER]]
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