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dries marni loake
@FrankCowperwood first snowvershirt i've seen in the wild, fits you really well!
i have seen this IRL and it's... pretty amazing,pictures don't do it justice. the plum melange has all kinds of variegated colours in the weave, gives the fabric incredible depth. didn't think she was making them any more though?
messagerie (yoox brand) uniqlo uld vest schneider cp (coat is dark navy, pants black)
coat: MMM ( Rico Suave Manly Shoulder Crew) jawnz: uniqlo boots HMMMMM
i thought Rais had this sewn up but since Parker referenced DLR-era Van Halen i'm seriously conflicted
"And so", says Antishuis- you can hear him running a hand distractedly through his bristly thinning hair, a habit that's beyond annoying- "you had to quit. The question is.. you know the question." Pause. If you twisted your neck around, he'd be staring out at the steel-grey morning, fiddling with the arm of his glasses, perhaps rearranging pencils on the desk beside him. What do you expect? You've been through this a thousand times. Company X buys brand Y, thereby...
Lang camel clan (GHOSTFACE Y U LEAVE UUSSS) folk shirt marni boiled poly trou C&J
is there still no news on european stockists? thought he said something was in the works
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