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my favourites too, the only problem with stockpiling is that in a year or so we'll all be wearing these (if the london cool kids are anything to go by)
^ richard nicoll was a lovely man, his studio was near mine in east london. a really awful thing.
'worth' is pretty hard to assess in the luxury goods market but it seems to be a well made movement if you like the look of it (and think he will) then i would say it's worth it.
i think it looks good on him (also not a huge fan of the moc toe though) HL/CDG/C&J
im not an expert but i belong to some 'high end' watch forums and hamilton and tissot (esp the visodate) model both seem to be appreciated there. you could also look at longines. in your price bracket the junghans max bill is probably what i'd go for. but it depends what your bf likes...
agree with the guy above, there's nothing wrong with tissot, definitely one of the better options at that price point. way better than armani/michael kors. hamilton also have some nice watches for a very reasonable price.
@jet acne ryder are quite nice, TTS will be slim if you're muscular, size up one for slouchy cdg type fit (drawstring waist). haven't tried these but schneider 'frame' might also work, they look a bit skinny in the images i've seen, i might try to size...
wouldn't the cuff zippers be a problem?
coat weather is the best weather. i pity that fool regis with his beachside mojitos
sorry for image quality, hopefully you get the idea. coat is blue trous black. cos/barena/ cdg/ raf
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