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medium (from last season):shoulder to shoulder 18 inchespit to pit 20 inchespit to cuff 19shoulder to cuff 24.5back length 29 [[SPOILER]]
^ blue 5 zip is awesome IRL regis, would work well with your wardrobe. so you didn't like the orange? i thought that was pretty cool, although it would take some wearing in ..
only just realised while browsing the NMWA thread that you worked there 4est, what a cool venture to be a part of. there's always a really great vibe in startup businesses where people love what they're doing.
i'm pretty much the same size as you and you're right to go for a 50 if you want to layer. i could just about squeeze into a 48 but it was very tight, particularly around the shoulders.
Zam, did you see the post he was responding to? a frankly bizarre critique of his body type (which by the way, given he has broad shoulders and a slender frame seems very well suited to leathers and indeed most things). leaving that aside, i'd like to second the call for you to post more. i hadn't really been aware of your leathers but the models i've seen here recently look incredible. would be amazing to hear more about your working methods.
lol. i hope the new york store has a cafe as nice as the one in london, that's become a favourite spot to stop off for a scone. hardly anyone seems to know about it.
thanks, yeah that might be the problem. euro loop is worse though. i need some sort of scarf tutorial
barena scarf (gf's comment: 'girl scarf' ). keep?
just kidding you. stone island is really well made, wish i hadn't sold my cp company parka.
looks nice. are there still bars that won't allow people to wear stone island?
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