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very nice francks, details pls?
could be an aspesi 'bob' blazer. also, use the 'ask a question' thread for queries like these in future
i used to live right by the main london branch, every time i went in the SA would tell me off for always wearing grey and try to put me in pastels, and advise me to wear t shirts to 'show off my arm definition'. somehow the feeling of aversion still lingers, i never even look at the website
dunno why but i've always been curious to see kunk in EG. it actually suits you better than rick
Ladies Love LN-CC
kgfan and, uh, me. both pretty lean, it's just the bedford looks awkward with that tight top jeans block that nwi seems to favour [[SPOILER]]
NWI i think i know what you mean, I felt the same about my bedford at first- I think you need pants with a slightly looser top block, like that great kgfan fit with a bedford (can't find it ATM). definitely don't tailor
thanks a lot for that code, @LA Guy. Kopped Raf derbies
ghostface looks great in that schneider! terrible helmut lang selfie:
flying lotus was one of the most amazing gigs i've ever been to. mid way through his set i suddenly realised that the guy who owns his record label rents my apartment from me, that very morning we'd been discussing cracked bathroom tiles
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