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^ yeah harnden looks great NN! thanks for the comments guys..@metranger8694 sorry i don't know much about the scarf's provenance, it was 'inherited' from an ex-gf. no label but it has a granny-knitted feel. sns herning has some not-dissimilar designs
junya uniqlo officine creative
need some rough idea of preferences, budget, general style etc... if you want something reasonably traditional but not fusty then maybe kilgour or thom sweeney? (both do bespoke but also a pretty good OTR that looks like it'd work for your build).
lemaire coat so nice (still glad i didn't get it though... english winters apparently too mild now for heavyweight fabrics like that)
yeah theyre a very nice fit, mid rise and calves not too skinny. the elastene makes them super comfy. size up one (if they are the same batch as we currently have in the UK- the UK site actually specifies this)
you gotta suffer to be a 'creative' dude
ghostface why you selling all your lang man
disagree with the latter, i think it looks good on cyc. a little bit pusha t but nothing wrong with that... @el Bert great fit, what are the pants? i have that marjella cardigan and have been looking for better ways to wear it...
one day i'll take a decent picture... (coat is dark brown, pants are black)
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