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so impressed by you guys who manage to look baller around kids, just went on a trip with a friend and her baby spat milk all over my new marni linen trous
trousers>>>>jeans even leaving the look aside, i put on one of my 10 pairs of apcs the other day and couldn't believe how uncomfortable they were. how the hell did i used to live in those things
@OccultaVexillum have you tried the lownn pants? they look really good, but i didn't kop because i thought they might be a little too heavy for spring/summer, also pricing is not far off marni/lemaire levels. i can't help but find it amusing that those guys built up their social media presence via #menswear looks then one day discovered lemaire and retro sneakers. of course we all evolve/change, but the comical aspect is amplified when you're a #influencer
@Francks yeah, as i think somebody said once, my photography skills are Fok-level. Shoes are Adidas spezial, I've never liked GATs much (although for some reason I own 3 pairs).
marks and spencer, british high street retailer that has really lost its way recently but back in the day was renowned for affordable quality. suit looks vintage to me, perhaps from the 80s?
who needs margaret howell when you've got M&S
i know not everyone's a fan, but i love dat slightly awkward cdg fit
snowman luxe flannel snowvershirt. i absolutely love this, it works so well in the canonico fabric with the matte buttons, but stupidly i didn't consult the sizing chart (would probably have sized down had i done so). not sure if to sell and start over. part of me thinks it drapes so beautifully that it doesn't matter...
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