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looks doable but 1) the sleeves might have to be shortened from the shoulder which could well alter the pitch and 2) as you say, be careful not too take too much out of the body, a lot of people doing the alteration might try to make it look too tailored, it's a hard balance to strike. i'd be tempted to keep the body as is for a while and see if you start to like the looseness
long rise is very elegant but the jumper might be blousing out a bit too much (probably better IRL). is that one of those uniqlo down jackets?
i think he changed up the silhouette for the coming season to incorporate more volume, in particular anti-fit pants. previous seasons (ie what you're seeing in stores now) have been much skinnier. i like the new proportions
that looks fantastic, and this is a great thread. thank you for posting
jumping in to say that SEH kelly knits are the best i've ever handled. easily as substantial as my stark but much softer.
this looks great! what model is it pls?
i'd very much like you to interview ritchie charlton, the ex kilgour cutter who now runs haywardedit: sorry, had only read the first page. but i'll leave the suggestion here for next time
never tried c&d but they seem decent. my suggestions on the rest: shoes: do not skimp on these. crockett & jones, about £370 shirts: tm lewin, charles tyrwhitt, they seem to be on permanent sale, around £40 each? ties: drakes sale just begun, have a look at their website, or there is a factory outlet in islington somewhere. will be around £70 each i think. based on this, you can work backwards to get the appropriate suit budget. good luck
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