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you gotta suffer to be a 'creative' dude
ghostface why you selling all your lang man
disagree with the latter, i think it looks good on cyc. a little bit pusha t but nothing wrong with that... @el Bert great fit, what are the pants? i have that marjella cardigan and have been looking for better ways to wear it...
one day i'll take a decent picture... (coat is dark brown, pants are black)
marni, peir wu, snowman
im sure he doesn't give a fuck. people do far worse and just put it out of their minds. think of all those ex-dictators who live out their lives perfectly happily in the suburbs of paris or geneva.
or just, y'know, walk instead of scooter/hoverboard/segway? (personally i think this should be a law for anybody over 5 years old, in european cities at least- people can do what they want in canada etc)
^ this is exactly why i didn't buy the lemaire owl coat, seems heavyweight winter wear is pretty much obsolete (in london at least)
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