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wouldn't the cuff zippers be a problem?
coat weather is the best weather. i pity that fool regis with his beachside mojitos
sorry for image quality, hopefully you get the idea. coat is blue trous black. cos/barena/ cdg/ raf
if you're willing to pay gucci prices might as well go all-out baller and get em made by ritchie charlton at hayward (he did the bobby gillespie outfit parker posted) - Q&A he did around the project here: http://showstudio.com/project/les_smokings/hayward as an aside, people on fashun forums never refer nick knight's showstudio project, but there is some decent content on there. surprised it's not mentioned a bit more
i had a quick look, what i saw was meh. chesterfield tries to be drapey but material is thin and cheap. best thing was the work jacket which seemed quite nice if you like that kind of thing... substantial cotton canvas. some of the knits seemed ok, but i didnt try
i see your tech bro, and raise you footballing icon. pep actually looked way better in his yoox-style euro-wear IMO :-(
[[SPOILER]] i certainly don't disagree with this type of argument, or what the woman in DWW's video seems to be saying from a quick scan. I come from the art world, day one lesson one at any decent art school would be that there's no such thing as originality, steal anything and everything etc. despite this i still find it distasteful to see big conglomerates doing straight rip-offs of small independent designers, who are almost invariably struggling just to pay the rent. ...
COS's rip-off of peir wu's lapel-less coat was a much more cut and dried case of idea 'theft', i think she posted the two designs side by side on instagram without even a comment, which seems about all one can do. i'm sure the outburst won't do hartley any harm though. people who buy into the whole rareweaves enterprise will just see it as a sign of integrity.
the parka in particular is so good. show us moar lang...
if it was my size i'd seriously consider it. the fabric's a bit heavy for the english climate though
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