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in the UK the stuff was live on the site 9am.
@noob most cos stuff disappoints IRL. fits are fairly loose/boxy, which could be good, but the material, despite having an appealing surface texture, is often too cheap to have much drape. construction is pretty meh, nothing washes well. it's a far cry from, say, schneider. knits are generally their strong suit but the shape varies, often it can be quite bizarre with tight shoulders and a wide midsection. having said that there are generally a couple of standout pieces...
@Liszt looks great, which schneider trousers are those?
jacket looks amazing. they should stock it at @other-shop
alexander, i just gave mine a couple of rolls and like them like that, but theyre olive twill, i guess the hb fabric is bulkier. not sure i would go to top of the shoe though, i think some kind of cuff looks nice with EG
apc uniqlo schneider apc eastlondonbrewery cowcatcher pale ale (recommended)
@Synthese @thewho13 are you a 44? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MASION-MARTIN-MARGIELA-PULL-ON-BOOT-SIZE-44-/201186333257?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276
portuguese for me, no question. subs are great but you already have a steel bracelet sports watch, port is just stunning and gives you two completely different looks
both look good
@gettoasty scarf is great, and fwiw i like the houndstooth. what pants would you wear with it?
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