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i'd very much like you to interview ritchie charlton, the ex kilgour cutter who now runs haywardedit: sorry, had only read the first page. but i'll leave the suggestion here for next time
never tried c&d but they seem decent. my suggestions on the rest: shoes: do not skimp on these. crockett & jones, about £370 shirts: tm lewin, charles tyrwhitt, they seem to be on permanent sale, around £40 each? ties: drakes sale just begun, have a look at their website, or there is a factory outlet in islington somewhere. will be around £70 each i think. based on this, you can work backwards to get the appropriate suit budget. good luck
i've been meaning to ask when the new SS stuff was going to drop, very excited to see what AW brings i remember anthony from MMM days. nice guy and very knowledgeable.
i like watches but this is exactly why i don't really own/wear one
you've revived a really old thread, i'm sure there are newer ones. but off the top of my head, liberty, other shop, DSM, margiela and yohji all around oxford circus, while in east london hostem on redchurch st and spitalfields market on a thursday are worth a visit. more esoteric places too, depends what you're into?
coat weather in july...this is why london is centre for the fashunz Helmut qlo consuela stan
someone id this watch for me please? a female colleague asked but i wasn't sure, some type of omega i think?
i'm no expert but pretty good i think, they're so unconstructed that they'd look terrible if the fabric was flimsy but they are a nice slubby wool mix that falls well. definitely recommend at yoox prices.
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