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thanks for the link MoK, i kopped the airtex in my true size. seems like it could look cool TTS or slightly oversized though. Their store/HQ is actually very close to a friend's place, i keep forgetting to drop by and have a look at AW stuff
of the three i vote wool ramie, and i like the oversized look if you just shorten the sleeves. fitted shoulders/body + bell shape/ flare could look a bit feminine
cola, don't do it
no question, the explorer. really regret letting my 36mm go. one of the very few watches suitable for absolutely any occasion.
^ do it! i will be in munich next week and am hoping to drop by their shop, so should be able to add some impressions of AW14 (if it's in yet..) i really like the look of the camel overcoat and of this
6.5" hem on a size 32???
hirsh, was it davide taub who made your jeans at G&H? if they're the pair on his blog they look very nice.as to the bullying, i think it's more that the seemingly endless self-quotation and relationship updates etc across multiple threads can impinge on other users' enjoyment of the forum. bear that in mind and you'll find it easier to fit in around here.
Zissou, as others have said, definitely SEH Kelly or the Albam collab with Stevenage Knitting Company. I have real problems with anything slightly scratchy (can barely wear a stark) and both of those are fine on me, feel so soft and luxurious.on another note, can anyone id this vest for me pls? (from the sartorialist, might be lanvin but i can't find it). or recs for something similar? [[SPOILER]]
liberty has some AW rick already so you might get to see a decent amount there/ at the mayfair RO store by next month. hostem also stocks rick i believe, alongside BBS, yang li, guidi. definitely worth a trip to redchurch st. @snowmanxl found a place on brick lane that sounded really good, can't remember exactly where? harvey nichols also carries rick i think, as well as margiela etc. last time i was there they had a big section devoted to wooyoungmi which was really...
@other-shop got some new drops, would love to see fit pics if you guys have time
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