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had a quick look in store today, measurements on the UK site are accurate. I have a 39" chest, usually look for 17.5" shoulder measurement, and an M fit me well.quality seemed acceptable for the price point, reasonably soft flannel.
@mbaum you're right, the camera angle is bad here, and i was pretty casual the way i threw it on. i'm a lean dude so it's not like i care about something 'making me look fat'. i just mean that many other jackets i own have a more conventionally flattering fit: this has narrow shoulders and then flares out as it goes down, so that the excess around the midsection causes a bulge when you belt it. i still like it though
lol, i think it's a beautiful piece but noob is right, it's not actually what you'd call a 'flattering' fit, on me at least. falls in that category of things you want to own because they're awesome rather than because they make you look like a sexy mofo
dat eg midriff bulge
cool, i was there a couple of years ago. i like that you wore margiela to hang out with the radioactive wolves
@herp what were you doing in prypjat?
@diniro that picture of your family in the 70s is great, your father reminds me of lee van cleef
as requested, better pic of the bedford/ghurka combo [[SPOILER]]
i haven't tried the homespun, but based on my olive twill, go TTS. it's a nice fit: longish rise, generous top block and gradual taper.
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