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the creasing is there because the jacket is slightly too big when worn with just a t shirt, which is why i suggested trying a size down earlier. second pic below is more how i wanted mine to fit. but i can't get more than a skinny knit under mine and hardly ever zip up anyway, so if you want to layer for winter then i think what you have is good. [[SPOILER]]
ah, if you plan to layer/zip then i'd stick with that! it was just the unzipped/t shirt only fit that i thought could be a little cleaner. i only ever wear mine unzipped, but i'm in london.
my 0.02.. i think the 5 zip nearly always works better in calf, it suits the drape of the jacket better (drew said the same thing once). it doesn't look bad at all but i would encourage you to try a size down and see if you can achieve a cleaner fit in the chest. (depends whether you plan to wear it zipped or unzipped.. i hardly ever zip mine). in the end though, it's a very versatile pattern. a friend who is a full size smaller than me has worn my 5 zip and it looks...
good to see you back here man
stanley, i would second parker's suggestion to look out for kilgour RTW suits from the carlo brandelli era, they can often be found on uk ebay. clean, structured shoulder, longer line coat and a slight taper to the trousers. very much that combination of formal with louche that you seem to be going for, and can be had for relatively cheap
if it is anything like my fw13 it will be very nice supple calf, not particularly heavy but still with a substantial feel.
xpost from RP, shop coat sized down 1 [[SPOILER]]
just got back from a trip to find this... keep/return?
only tried the natural linen but it looked fine sized down one. mbaum said he could've sized down also. you should be ok, particularly if you plan to wear it open most of the time (which i think looks best anyway)
i believe its the weave that stops rips. my EG jacket is 100% cotton ripstop
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