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i'm in the UK and bought some CPs earlier this year. fast shipping and great customer service. glad to see you guys here.
london stockists don't have much. you're best off ordering from thebureau or kafka and returning if necessary.
drew is not even paying charly, why would he pay SF? i think fok said he was keeping it open as a public service
i was just about to order some of those tri blend, size up 1 for slightly drapey fit right?
yeah i don't think the heavy taper suits you cyc, makes you look top heavy btw that cream 5 zip is great, easily my favourite of all your jackets
It was called Kite's (going back a few years now...). Then became 19 Grape Lane, which I believe is still going [[SPOILER]]
no idea but the buyer was an internet retail group, so seems unlikely. d' you remember the store on petergate? i worked in a restaurant just around the corner. (following Fok down memory lane...)
eh. remember how we all laughed at that other guy, 'til someone noticed he had 120k followers on instagram
looks good, which pants are those?
fwiw i think the 5 zip pattern is very versatile, snowman is at least a full size smaller than me and looked good wearing mine. we are a similar body type though, slim/broad shoulders/reasonable taper
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