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you really are an annoying little fucker aren't you. ever hear of wittgenstein and 'ordinary language'? anyway, answer the question
problem is the arguments you put forward are ridiculous. -appeals to authority (wtf does 'pleasing to the senses' even mean? whose senses?) that anybody with any genuine creative experience realises is utterly spurious -'backed up' with reference to a hilariously predictable DWM western-centric canon it's surely evident that reactionary bullshit like the stuff you're spouting would lead to utter creative stasis, whether in art, music or fashion.
honestly man i suggest YOU look into a basic course in philosophical aesthetics. also, you sound like you dress in vineyard vines
comme pants so nice. they work really well with the shirt too
dude just stop
no, it's just a regular waistband. i think they are these. my first thought was to hem but i'm going to try wearing with the white lining/cuffs
yohji linen trous. still getting used to waistbands that come up 2 inches above the belly button
(rainy) summer fits uniqlo/marge howell/vans muji/marni/nike
looks like there could be excess material around the upper back/shoulders, 46 might be better
looks good! so that's the shannon?
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