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late on this, i went for 4est, the dries trousers just swung it
i have a few pieces from this collection, which i still really like; the designer, Claire Waight Keller, is now creative director at Chloe
^ that looks great! did you base it on a la spalla model and adjust to your liking, or simply start from scratch?
i needed a 'good enough' suit for a conference, ordered three models in my standard size and kept the best which actually fit really well. quality seems very good for the price + free shipping/returns, pretty impressive
you guys need to move to next-level east london, margiela is mocked as normcore dad-wear here, BBS/ rick dunks in every coffee shop (@snowmanxl can attest to this)
sure, but if he really has no skills then he should focus on addressing that deficit rather than being a man of leisure /dadadvice
@Distorbiant honestly man london is about the worst place you could pick, you'll pay a lot just to live somewhere fairly shitty and burn through your savings. without wishing to sound moo-like, use those funds to get yourself some marketable qualifications or skills http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/jun/04/tiny-flat-investigation-health-safety
possibly the first one, almost certainly not the other two. if its a conservative business environment you're better off going for a solid colour, navy or charcoal.
FW14 black calf^ I don't know about Barneys but the navy model i handled earlier this season (which i assume is the one on Mr Porter) felt bad, thin and papery
they seem to vary season by season depending on materials etc. but 48 is probably your best bet.FWIW I think the cut is pretty versatile. im 5'10" 170lbs (fairly muscular), generally 48/50, and went for a 46, but a friend who is also more of a true 46 looks good in it too. [[SPOILER]]
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