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thanks for the feedback, yeah the sleeves definitely need to be shortened. as for the rest, i think it's good- shoulders/chest are spot on, it's just the longer skirt that i'm not used to, but that's clearly how it's meant to be, perhaps i just need to make more dramatic entrances/exits
morgellion coat, beautiful heavy wool and an unusual cut: trim ( but padded) shoulders, waisted, then a long slightly flared skirt. not quite sure what to wear with this, maybe some black flannel trousers? [[SPOILER]]
this is why one should never, ever visit CM
i went with c4est on this one. ghostface's fit is absolutely stunning, but everything works together so beautifully that i can't think of it as loud or gaudy
anyone a fan of claire denis? 'beau travail' is one of my all time favourite films, that final sequence is astonishing. I'm going to see 'Bastards' this week
agreed that's one of stanley's best fits, but black boots would work too i think.. i've been planning to copy this as soon as the weather allows(hope dlester doesn't mind the repost) [[SPOILER]]
mikey how about these, i tried the tweed winter version and they were really nice. fit is TTS http://oliverspencer.co.uk/fishtail-trouser-farleigh-beige-ost20d
do you mean they stretch out a lot? like a full size?
alter cardigan, i went up one from my stark size
stanley i think the black blazer looks pretty meh with the colours/ chinos etc, you should do something more monochromatic, like this
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