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x post from RP, i got the yak wool overshirt, sized down one which i think was the right decision. feels really soft and cozy. any thoughts on fit? should i shorten the sleeves?
yak wool shirt/jacket thing. not sure if im tall enough for lemaire.
anyone know much about Ann Demeulemeester trouser sizing? it seems to be all over the place... i picked up an older season pair in a cotton/fleecewool mix, they are tagged XS but fit my 32" waist and soccer thighs perfectly, like slouchy/drapey top block with a good taper below the knee. so i ordered a current FW season pair in an S and they are tiny. did it all change at some point or is it just on a piece by piece basis?
watched 'the kidnapping of michel houllebecq' last night which was great, 'submission' was so boring i think he should go into film acting full time
@conceptionist yes, i've seen some early artisanal pieces too so there was always that strand in her work. i didn't mean to sound critical, i've done the equivalent of 'trade fairs' (art fairs like frieze) and if you are a relatively small outfit it's probably a smart idea to have something that will catch the eye, in a way that olive coach jackets don't
that patchwork stuff seems at odds with the clean lines of her other work. (plus, i haven't noticed any buyers picking it up?) i wonder if you need something like that in order to stand out at trade fairs etc.
yes, i've owned the garret too. much thicker/stiffer (feels like melton wool?), structured shoulders and fitted cut, lined throughout.
i had an acne charles (tried all sizes at the store and they said most people size down one or sometimes two) and i agree with nahneun, the unstructured cut combined with the soft droopy material is pretty unflattering on most people. shoulders look limp, and the excess around the waist flares out. also the material is pretty lightweight so won't actually do much to keep you warm, if that's a consideration.
anyone tried the patch pocket jacket/overshirt this season? i'd like it to be relaxed but not falling off me, should i go down a size (or more?)
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