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maybe this? (if you're in stockholm, i tried it at paul &friends/NK, it's a lot nicer than it looks online) https://www.amiparis.com/shopping/manteau-oversize-a-boutonniere-croisee-11373073?StoreId=9846 (edit: ah, didnt notice the annoying white bit on back of collar, i actually tried the camel which didnt have that.)
london prices about the same (in pounds, not that makes so much difference now). if i go ahead and buy a house my clothing purchases will be seriously curtailed
thoughts on this lemaire?
ha, i get the inverse of this when i wear my junya patchwork. agree the jeans look off here, i like my lang coats best with slouchy junya or schneider trous. i think the coat itself looks really good on you though.
you finally going for the full rugged beard/unkempt hair margiela runway look?
re: derbies, loake waverley are also a good everyday option, i rotate with rafs. the shape is blobbier but with some outfits i like thathttp://www.loake.co.uk/byrange/waverley.html [[SPOILER]]
the charlie is slimmer than the charles, and has a higher button stance. i could go one or even two down in charles (depends what you want to wear underneath- it's pretty lightweight, almost flimsy feeling, so you might need room for several layers if you intend to wear in sub-zero temps. charlie is more TTS, in a slouchy/oversized way.
^ el Bert is awesome. MA+ leather size 44 (with post-brexit gbp discount) @nicelynice might work for your wife? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MA-MAURIZIO-AMADEI-LASER-CUT-UNLINED-LEATHER-JACKET-44-BBS-CCP-PH-RICK-GUIDI-/272449763729?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276
actually feels more mittel-european to me than english, not sure why. perhaps i'm just thinking of the august sander portraits that have obviously influenced him also, brighton is a melancholic faded seaside resort with ridiculous aspirational commuter-town pretensions, living there would turn anyone who is not an idiot into a total misanthrope. you can't even escape now because the trains don't work
i would just clean the spot by hand with some weak-ish fairy liquid solution. go very gently and repeat if necessary, worked on one of my coats
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