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'moonlight' was very disappointing to me after all the rave reviews. beyond the obvious socially progressive rationale it seemed deeply conventional and linear, in narrative and cinematography ( i suppose the former is to be expected from something that comes out of mainstream theatre). the acting was good, especially the adolescent chiron, but even then seems to be almost hackneyed portrayal of 'young man alone in the crowd hiding his secret'. i suppose i was hoping for...
i agree with bobo, sloppy break or roll is the way to go. the look above might work if you are a cool kid but for anyone older the bizcaz thing is a worry (esp in a khaki colour)
i would get them if they work with at least some of your wardrobe, who knows what he'll do in future.
just kidding you dude. i think the length is great, i feel like i could wear it over a suit for a pulled-together look without being stuffy, or throw it on over my old apcs to go and grab a weekend brunch. reminds me of the kind of thing ryan gosling might wear. did you know his stylist is a member here? he might be interrested in seeing this actually
yeah, the one you're wearing looks like somebody took shears to it though
dark navy kaftan in the SP pre-order looks very tempting @SuspensionPoint any pointers on sizing?
don't suppose anyone wants to sell or can proxy the uniqlo u lambswool scarf in navy (this one please hmu if so!
i've been experimenting with oversized/unstructured coats and on me at least the shoulder is the key thing- a little overhang is fine but too much just looks silly. hard to tell from those images but one size up might be ok?
size down one on OC advice is correct if mine are anything to go by (you prob know this)
agreed, i just got a pair of OCs, they feel really well made.
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