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i think graham browne is above your budget. they can make good stuff but you have to have a very clear idea of what you want. how about george threadneedleman. haven't used him personally but some of his stuff looks nice and seems to be in your price range http://www.threadneedlemantailors.co.uk/Threadneedleman/Welcome.html
junya coat arrived. it's beautiful, for some reason i wasn't expecting it to be so substantial. i think sizing up was the right call given the slimness of shoulders/chest/arms. only problem is the gorilla-length sleeves; will need maybe 6" taken off 'em. i'm a bit worried about the elbow patch position changing but its currently nearly at my wrist so should be manageable. [[SPOILER]]
what to pair with sashiko jacket? i know synthese wears beat up apcs but not sure i could pull that off. some kind of grey denim maybe?
canstyle, those textures are beautiful. i'm already dreading summer
@canstyleace sorry if you've divulged this before, but where d'you get these drapey tees?
junya coat from (i think) AW13. anyone own this or know about junya sizing generally? I'm a 38/40 in most things and got a large. seems to be quite a slim cut so fingers crossed it'll work out [[SPOILER]]
[[SPOILER]] since you asked for critique: jacket is quite nice and fits you well, sweatshirt is too tight and branding is awful, jeans fit ok but black would be better, sneakers are bad just get plain white stan smiths or something
definitely want the maxi coat. hope other shop will stock it
agreed it's tough on both sides, it was a slightly dumb/drunken comment on my part. i've also done both (used to run an art gallery, was a journalist for years). the main difference is probably the one i mentioned, that as an exhibitor you have considerable underlying anxiety about whether you're going to cover your expenditure. no idea what pitti charges but at somewhere like frieze that is a significant cost.
eh, just that everyone appears so exhausted/overwhelmed all the time, when all they really have to do is...wander around and take a few notes? [[SPOILER]]
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