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dude just stop
no, it's just a regular waistband. i think they are these. my first thought was to hem but i'm going to try wearing with the white lining/cuffs
yohji linen trous. still getting used to waistbands that come up 2 inches above the belly button
(rainy) summer fits uniqlo/marge howell/vans muji/marni/nike
looks like there could be excess material around the upper back/shoulders, 46 might be better
looks good! so that's the shannon?
loads of young women around east london wearing issey-style straight leg trous. i assume zara or someone has managed to make a reasonable knockoff
@penanceroyaltea the experts will know for sure but i've been told by reputable tailors that that's a difficult area to alter successfully, i think it's to do with the fit of the shoulders. i suspect you'll be better off just accepting it.
it's great to see awesome 'complete' looks here, but part of the thread's function has always been to provide critique.
thanks, good advice. i have a drapey issey miyake shirt on the way that should be an improvement.
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