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yeah that is a good fit. i sized down one but that was a couple of seasons ago, i believe the newer ones are even more tapered.
i've been meaning to visit that area for ages, think you've just made my mind up for me! (i believe the paths are open again now)
yeah stanley leave as is. i think the MMM designers might've been inspired by ysl. you need to wear it more like this
echoing what penance said, this is one of my favourite SF things ever. great contributions from everyone, thank you!
if anything the collar on that seems to be lower, at least at the back of the neck, than a 5 zip. but perhaps you mean the way the lapels etc give it more 'visual interest' at the front.
^yeah i'd say size up, particularly since you're quite muscular. the one i tried had very slim fitting sleeves.
NN, what's the jacket you're wearing to photograph goats?
dude, you're doing it wrong. my ex worked at a hedge fund, one of the (admittedly junior) analysts there told me that on a tokyo research trip his daily food budget was 10 USD. no way a writer should be getting more
great stuff, really excited to hear more about petrosolaum
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