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awful picture but i tried to channel that look with some loose/ straight leg grifoni pants. (probably the opposite direction from 'dressed up' though, drawstring waist and slouchy fit makes them more like sweatpants)
you should've posted in the leather jacket thread, but yeah that's definitely too big. i think the extra volume around the back and the arms is the main problem. what you're suggesting would be an improvement, or you could ask if thurston would consider a credit towards the vanson/styleforum japanese moto MTO, which will probably be slimmer still but you might have the build for...
how do you like the trousers @Benesyed? is the material interesting enough to distinguish them from regular sweatpants?
i wear uniqlos with my bedford and think it looks ok. these are slightly looser in the top block than my apcs, which helps to balance out the short, boxy jacket shape
she was aiming to generate controversy/clicks and she succeeded, women i work with talked of nothing else for days. it transpired that her TV production company had failed and she wanted to kickstart a career in 'journalism', seems to have worked...
late on this, i went for 4est, the dries trousers just swung it
i have a few pieces from this collection, which i still really like; the designer, Claire Waight Keller, is now creative director at Chloe
^ that looks great! did you base it on a la spalla model and adjust to your liking, or simply start from scratch?
i needed a 'good enough' suit for a conference, ordered three models in my standard size and kept the best which actually fit really well. quality seems very good for the price + free shipping/returns, pretty impressive
you guys need to move to next-level east london, margiela is mocked as normcore dad-wear here, BBS/ rick dunks in every coffee shop (@snowmanxl can attest to this)
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