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thanks, i'd been thinking about her dark grey moleskins. best thing about MH site is that under 'title' it gives you an option for lord/lady
you're right, any suggestions for better options? i've got some dark blue heavy wool margiela that might work but thought regis-style lower half was a bit too clean
don't own any crojack but i've handled it, and for that price it's a no-brainer. seemed comparable to the oliver spencer stuff i have.
pinnas and needles, who took over the business of Thomas Tailor mentioned above, have done very good work for me.
when we talk about accruing cultural capital (given that we're on an internet fashion forum), most people would probably not point to the parts of academia where these univores hang out. look at the seminars given by rock star academics like zizek or lawrence rickels, you need to get the reference to some bruce willis film in order to fully grasp the point they're making about hegel or melanie klein
i wanted the tropical wool andover/cinch combo for summer- not because i need a suit particularly, i just like the idea- but i'm put off by 6.75" trouser hems. might have to check out our legacy
i think there's not all that much one can learn from something like the grammys beyond fuuma's point that it's just a depressing business/marketing spectacle. the reason i think he's wrong to dismiss pop culture seemingly en masse is that yeezus is really great
you could transpose this argument to the literary/art/fashion world though.. seems fair enough to me that he should give some sort of fuck
says 30" on the MH site.
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