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hardy amies uniqlo marni
thanks, i don't know if it's a general rule but the ripstop is definitely a bit longer and roomier than my AW herringbone. even the arms are cut wider on the ripstop so i think it's intended for layering [[SPOILER]]
hadn't owned a SS bedford before, I like how versatile they are. I've been wearing different layers the last few days as the temperature varies. ripstop is great as a wind-blocker.
that looks really cool to me.
looks great, FW13 calf is one of the best iterations i've seen
as you say, sounds like you'd be between small and medium. what kind of things are you looking at?
buy a snowsmock, throw the smock away and keep the detachable pocket
cotton ripstop jawnz suede
ridiculously late to all this but i just saw joss whedon's serenity, which i really enjoyed... so i need to watch firefly now, right? does it live up to the movie?
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