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i see your tech bro, and raise you footballing icon. pep actually looked way better in his yoox-style euro-wear IMO :-(
[[SPOILER]] i certainly don't disagree with this type of argument, or what the woman in DWW's video seems to be saying from a quick scan. I come from the art world, day one lesson one at any decent art school would be that there's no such thing as originality, steal anything and everything etc. despite this i still find it distasteful to see big conglomerates doing straight rip-offs of small independent designers, who are almost invariably struggling just to pay the rent. ...
COS's rip-off of peir wu's lapel-less coat was a much more cut and dried case of idea 'theft', i think she posted the two designs side by side on instagram without even a comment, which seems about all one can do. i'm sure the outburst won't do hartley any harm though. people who buy into the whole rareweaves enterprise will just see it as a sign of integrity.
the parka in particular is so good. show us moar lang...
if it was my size i'd seriously consider it. the fabric's a bit heavy for the english climate though
^ you know something is the real deal when it looks fantastic even in a yoox picture.
i actually already have a blue and a grey chesterfield but both are pretty conventional, this one has more volume and a beautiful drape to it. (tried on the grey, haven't yet seen the blue IRL). hard to describe but there's a slight springiness in the fabric- it doesn't just fall inertly- and the shoulders, while slouchy, have a touch of structure, more from the construction than any padding.i wear black pants a lot in winter so i guess either would go...
very tempted by this (Marni); grey or blue?
haven't tried yamada but the older moto pants are TTS (with a comfortable amount of 'drape') if that helps at all. kind of slim slouchy fit: roomy top block with a strong, but not extreme, taper.
do you mean 'blud'?edit: ah, urban dictionary [[SPOILER]]
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