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^ as i understand it its a 'soft' construction, especially the shoulder ( but really i know nothing about this stuff...)
isn't this the whole point of the iGent neapolitan tailoring obsession? i hardly ever wear a suit so it feels good to put on something structured once in a while, but if i were sitting in an office all day/getting on and off planes etc i think the spalla whatever would be the way to go
@dieworkwear he is based near me so any drew keith-style shenanigans ill go round and kick his ass for you
^ interesting, i saw some of his boots recently at hostem, more of an artisanal style (in keeping with the hostem look) but they seemed really well made:
do ann D vitello derbies fit TTS? i know the boots run large (these:
i like what raf says in that interview about how as a kid he had a mental appreciation of helmut lang, one not based on a role as consumer. quite interesting when big commercial designers still (romantically?) hold on to that idea. i work in the art world and recently mentioned to a very famous photographer that i wished i could afford one of his more abstract images; he told me to go into the gallery and take a photograph of it and gave me the name of a very good printer...
in stark contrast, this seems to be my spring staple (yak wool so cosy)
still don't think i like what he did with the kaftan's collar (talking about next season), makes the whole thing look a little cosplay-ish. hopefully i'll be able to try one
^ haha yeah, prob a bit much on reflection. older issey pieces seem incredible though. having tried a few recently i almost just want to own them as collectibles. @Francks would certainly work with all your mono stuff but kind of boring IMO. fabrics from last season were nicer
vintage issey (womens) coat ? i love the colours. wondering if i could maybe i could wear it open/kimono-style with black comme trousers+ derbies
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