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definitely want the maxi coat. hope other shop will stock it
agreed it's tough on both sides, it was a slightly dumb/drunken comment on my part. i've also done both (used to run an art gallery, was a journalist for years). the main difference is probably the one i mentioned, that as an exhibitor you have considerable underlying anxiety about whether you're going to cover your expenditure. no idea what pitti charges but at somewhere like frieze that is a significant cost.
eh, just that everyone appears so exhausted/overwhelmed all the time, when all they really have to do is...wander around and take a few notes? [[SPOILER]]
Good stuff Rosenrot! I'm enjoying this thread a lot but overall it paints a milquetoast-ish picture of writers/academics/'creatives' (lol). i mean can you imagine going to a trade fair and dealing with shippers, setting up stall, standing there all day dealing with buyers/press, all the while wondering if you are going to earn back any of the many many thousands you have laid out to be there.. [[SPOILER]]
somebody here recommended the kelly starrett mobility programme, its helped me a lot. couch stretch is the best ever for tight hips
is that the algae you thought was too big? looks great
hamilton is a good choice, of the two i'd go for the first, date window placement on the second is annoying
review that accordian linked to is spot on, its ok but boxy shape and full lapels give it a slightly old fashioned look. perhaps worth it on sale though
just got these MA+ reverse camel derbies and have some beginner questions: it's not like any suede i've seen before, should i use some sort of protector? and do people use shoe trees with this type of last/construction? generally i don't like to baby swd boots but equally i don't want to be guilty of abusing something so well made.
yep really good. is that calf?
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