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i thought people said schneider/algae doesn't work on more muscular builds
got my other HL back from the reweavers...(thanks to @ghostface for inspiration/fit advice on this one!)
@snowmanxl *ahem*
im no leather expert, but tried on what i'm pretty sure was the blue jacket above, and it did feel really flimsy to me. completely different to the black calf i own
Dlester, is that coat margiela? seems to have a similar cut to mine... i think the problem is it looks too waisted on guys who have a fairly big drop .could just be the camera angle in your picture though.
i love the way people end up discussing drew's words as if they're talmudic lore
boring fit, just wanted to be part of great threak/ helmut lang clan hl qlo cp
i think he's the only person i've ever seen get it first time. turns out smiley forum mascot could kick our asses
lol @ jet-shoulders was actually super-impressed by your first-time muscle-up
cool, thanks. long/slouchy sounds good to me, i always find barena a little too cropped for my taste. I hope he hurries up and sorts out those European stockists..
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