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the reason i mentioned it was that it seemed quite indicative: according to my friends in academia, if you want a high profile career, articles published etc you are much better off hitching your wagon to joyce than the other 'big name' european modernists right now@noob for all the pure heroin rush of parts of proust, there is also a lot of boredom, no? i mean, boredom is intrinsic to the texture of the novel, and it's even more noticeable to a modern reader. you can have...
MMMs look good, but have you seen the CPs IRL? black ones just look clunky to me, i would go for white
i've been debating this with schneider/+j trousers recently, went for no cuff slight break
proust absolutely lives up to the hype: funny how much he's been sidelined, in academic circles at least, by the whole joyce industry. i went to a talk recently by a world-renowned joyce scholar and at the end i mentioned proust, contrasting the structure of finnegans wake with a la recherche. his response: 'ive never managed to get through proust, i felt it was kinda OCD'. just incredible... shorter classics that i've re-read recently: melville's bartleby, pretty much...
^ i disagree with this actually, i think they scaled down recently. last season's small fit my 39" chest perfectly but i couldn't fit in the newer ones.
hey could anyone in the US proxy me a pair of the black flannel suit pants in a 32"? (in in london, UK- they have them in stock on the US website but won't ship internationally). happy to pay a fee for your trouble...
in the UK the stuff was live on the site 9am.
@noob most cos stuff disappoints IRL. fits are fairly loose/boxy, which could be good, but the material, despite having an appealing surface texture, is often too cheap to have much drape. construction is pretty meh, nothing washes well. it's a far cry from, say, schneider. knits are generally their strong suit but the shape varies, often it can be quite bizarre with tight shoulders and a wide midsection. having said that there are generally a couple of standout pieces...
@Liszt looks great, which schneider trousers are those?
jacket looks amazing. they should stock it at @other-shop
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