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^ haha yeah, prob a bit much on reflection. older issey pieces seem incredible though. having tried a few recently i almost just want to own them as collectibles. @Francks would certainly work with all your mono stuff but kind of boring IMO. fabrics from last season were nicer
vintage issey (womens) coat ? i love the colours. wondering if i could maybe i could wear it open/kimono-style with black comme trousers+ derbies
has margiela stopped making the rounder-toe side zip? all i see now is the 'cuban' model with more heel and pointier toe.
isn't the whole outfit Ann? her trousers are supposed to look like that. might appear loungey in a bad picture but IRL the fabric is so good it becomes a really nice drape. either way i think this looks good
been wearing my (FW) yak wool overshirt a lot recently, it's a really versatile 'transitional' piece for spring. i sometimes wore it under an overcoat in winter as well.
i suspect it's that skinny, scandiblogger ankle-crop look he doesn't like ( i agree fwiw)
how is this gonna work in the bahamas? dont people there wear blazer/shorts, long socks and tasselled loafers? or perhaps that's bermuda. anyway, don't start new threads for questions like this. try asking here
i like bedfords but not sure they necessarily work with slim denim. the cropped, boxy silhouette looks much better with fuller trous on me at least (from memory i think you and i have similar builds).
yeah, really nice. wish i'd picked up one of those film coats. i had the idea that schneider outerwear works best for narrow-shouldered people but this looks great on you and synthese.
Re: Paris, if you're interested in contemporary art some of the small private galleries can be very good. In the Marais I recommend Ropac, Chantal Crousel, Yvon Lambert. Perrotin and Air de Paris are also good but further out
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