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Where did you purchase from?
Not sure where you guys live, but if you have a Neimans near you just buy whatever size they have in stock online and do an exchange in the store. They can even call another store while you are there and have the exchange shipped to you. Just my 2 cents...
I'm 6'2" 205 ... I got a 42 which fits perfect. I think you would need a 40. You can always order the 42 and if it is too big, exchange it in store for a 40. There's also free shipping with code SHIPNM.
Neimans made a little mistake when they priced the new Rag & Bone pea coat. They have it at 205 when it retails for 625. Mine just came in today. Here's the link...
Waist measurement? Pics?
PM me your email add. and I will forward the email to you. They had a few belts that qualified, not sure which one you wanted.
FYI... John Varvatos is having their private sale(40% off) online and in store use code F09PRS at checkout.
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