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This still is from WHITE COLLAR, season 4, episode 1. Can anyone identify this straw fedora worn by Mozzie? If so, would you provide make/model and possibly name of a retailer where it could be purchased. Many thanks, in advance.
My white dinner jacket is shawl & double breasted and my tux is single button, shawl lapel. It's the only way to go! When I see other guys at a formal affair and they're wearing these tuxes with huge satin peaked lapels, they look like they're about begin flapping their lapels and fly away! AND, my wife loves the shawl lapel look - she says that it looks very 30's/40's Hollywood.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jay Gatsby I'd pay $30 to never have to look at #1 again.... I didn't know that pocket squares were a big item on the NASCAR circuit. But, I guess that bib overalls have lots of pockets in the front....
Quote: Originally Posted by GentlemanCambrioleur I'm confused - What is left over here ? I want to get involved with that Anthony Blazer... You're not alone, I too was confused. Almost no pricing, no measurements and everything is gone. Also, there are few things more annoying than "big photos" when trying to navigate through FS items. Google "image compression software" - makes posting & viewing easy.
Hi, Are the Bill's khakis ( sz. 38 ) still available? If so, how much will they be, shipped to Massachusetts? Do you accept Paypal? Thanks. please reply to my email:
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