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Quote: Originally Posted by edubs01 Anybody own any of the cashmere pieces? Thoughts? Worth the price? I have two and like them but have no illusions that they're anything fantastic. Value is in the eyes of the beholder, but I think they're worth ~$100 or so when they go on sale, no thanks at full retail. Treat them well and they'll last a while.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Fools wearing those stupid keffiyehs (sp?) thinking they're ahead of the curve whereas they're actually 3 years behind a retarded trend. Obvious, but easily the worst
H is for half sizes. I like the Thomas Mason fabrics, but haven't tried any on to comment on the fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Have you sewn them back on? No, partly because I'm inept at sewing and partly because they are attached with some odd stitching style because they need to hang about 3/4" off of the jacket to accommodate for the thickness of the wool. I suppose I could take it to some random tailor and hope for the best, but I don't really feel like I should foot whatever bill that is due to shoddy original construction...
I have one from last year. It's not really fitted, but it's also not huge either. I like the fit, especially for layering over sweaters. Beware, at least on mine, two of the buttons have already fallen off. I don't know if it's a problem with the attachment method or I just got a lemon, but it sucks. I tried exchanging it late in the season last year but there weren't any in my local stores. Been meaning to email J Crew about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by centrix not to be an asshole but isnt tissot a low budget automatic daily beater watch? for super low budget, i guess you cant go wrong with a seiko Depends on your definition, but that one in particular is $250-$300 so no, not exactly I wear a Hamilton Khaki most days
Sweet dog
I wouldn't say it isn't really worth the price, just be prepared for a very strange fit. Try it on in person for sure.
Quote: Originally Posted by pokey07 Does anyone have the University Coat? How'd you size it? Do you have fit pics? Thanksss It's pretty enormous. It's pretty good about keeping you warm, but fits like a mumu
Crates, in my experience (CvsF and Routes) run TTS. Don't base any jean sizing on APC.
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