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Yes they did, but it's not in stock anymore. They have a worsted pure cashmere range of suitings in the Dreamline Collection
Not online, but any retailer that sells Gitman Bros. neckwear can have custom bow ties made.
I like ending in "95" for some reason, started with my dad$14,995.00 for the trousers only and $39,995.00 for the jacket only That is the Holland & Sherry Signature cloth
The most expensive suit I sell is a Holland & Sherry Worsted Vicuna for $49,995.00. I have only sold 1 of those in the last 3 years. I have sold several Holland & Sherry "Pure Gold Signature" suits for $12,000.00.
Very solid advice.I dress many new and established financial representatives, including some of the country's top producers from NWM, Wells Fargo, Merrrill, etc.Also don't listen to the criticism of your career choice or company you work for, this is a forum about clothing.The best advice I can give is start a relationship with a quality clothier, take their advice, work hard, have fun and the money will come.
Holland & Sherry pure worsted spun Vicuna is $5,300.00/yd cost. Of course when shipping this goods one must by insurance.
These guys can do it:
1220 has as much, if not more, hand tailoring than Kiton and Brioni. The1220 fabric ranges are basically the opening range of HQ and the only model offered is the Type A or B, which are also my 2 best selling models in the HQ line.
Special purchase! 100% Loro Piana Pure Cashmere topcoat in black. Classic Single Breasted, Fly Front. Stunning! Hand-Tailored in the U.S.A. Even Sizes: R - 40, 42, 44, 46; L- 44, 46 HURRY Limited Quantities! Direct link: email me with questions:
Half waist should increase 1/2" per size
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