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Paul Stuart's highest line, Stuart's Ltd. is Oxxford 1220
Collard Greens polos: http://collaredgreens.com/
Tony The Tailor will be holding a Winter Trunkshow at the Hyatt House in Herndon, VA January 6th & 7th. For more details email info@bestmastertailor.com
Try Corbin. Great quality, fit and fabric selection.
Must have a small foot to fit. I have a client I make suits for. He is TINY and we use a 14" bottom and 15" knee. he has a size 5 1/2 foot.
No, but I am sure it is less.
I have refused to do (and still refuse to) many alterations that would either destroy the integrity of the garment or would never end up right. If a tailor will do anything, then he much not have much work.
Us retailers always has someone that will come in and state "I only wear the best"....
Yes they did, but it's not in stock anymore. They have a worsted pure cashmere range of suitings in the Dreamline Collection
Not online, but any retailer that sells Gitman Bros. neckwear can have custom bow ties made.
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