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Throat latch: gives you the option of showing it as a tab, or if you don't feel like it, gives a place to keep it so it won't be misplaced
Spot on
I just picked up Florsheim for my shop after comparing them to Cole-Haan, and J&M. The Limited, Imperials and Casuals are really showing the Duckie Brown influence in quality and style.
Paul Stuart's highest line, Stuart's Ltd. is Oxxford 1220
Collard Greens polos: http://collaredgreens.com/
Tony The Tailor will be holding a Winter Trunkshow at the Hyatt House in Herndon, VA January 6th & 7th. For more details email info@bestmastertailor.com
Try Corbin. Great quality, fit and fabric selection.
Must have a small foot to fit. I have a client I make suits for. He is TINY and we use a 14" bottom and 15" knee. he has a size 5 1/2 foot.
No, but I am sure it is less.
I have refused to do (and still refuse to) many alterations that would either destroy the integrity of the garment or would never end up right. If a tailor will do anything, then he much not have much work.
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