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Tunnel Wing
Look at the Florsheim Limited and Imperial lines. Duckie Brown's influence is starting to be seen and the quality is vastly improved over the last 2 years.
As long as you accept the cockling and instability of it then it is fine. I prefer to use fusing in light weight garments (cottons, 8 oz or lighter wools, et al) for performance and stability reasons, and especially for clients who live in humid climates.At the risk of SF scorn: there is nothing wrong with using high quality fusibles that are applied properly.
I have dressed over 1,000 lawyers. My advice to summer SA's in regards to shoes is a black captoe: either Allen Edmonds Park Avenue or Fifth Avenue. In addition to being appropriate, it starts you out wearing quality footwear.
In today's world, even full canvas suits have fusing (except say Oxxford HQ), especially the ones tailored in very lightweight fabrics. Fusing adds stability in the lapels and it is also used in most cases in the sleeves.
Tony The Tailor will be at the Hyatt House in Herndon, VA this Friday the 17th & Saturday the 18th with Spring specials on Oxxford, Southwick, S.Cohen, custom shirts and footwear.
Sent you a PM
All of the Shells are now MTO (as are a few other styles). There is some stock on hand, but not much.
Throat latch: gives you the option of showing it as a tab, or if you don't feel like it, gives a place to keep it so it won't be misplaced
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