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What you are seeing is the phase in of the Southwick Golden Fleece garments...
I have sold the Veblen in this order: 1) Wine 2) Navy/Bone 3) Rust
Where can you find sewers for $8.00/hr?
As a long time Oxxford dealer, I know for a fact that it is identical paper. The difference is hand-made garments are not always the exact same from garment to garment because of the human element, and the tolerance is greater (3/8") that those of machine made and computer cut garments (1/4"), that is why they will fit a little different from garment to garment, but not too different.The Capitol Model (Type B) is the same as Type A but with a fuller chest.
Strawfuts and Pantherellas today for our Trunk Show (pants are Corbin moleskin herringbone)
There is no difference between them. Type A is the model, 1220 is the make. The same paper is made to make each garment whether it is in the HQ make or 1220. These are hand cut and sewn, so the tolerance is around 3/8" (as opposed to machine cut and sewn garments which is less than 1/4"). The Type A (and Type B which is the same but with a fuller chest) are Oxxford's interpretation of the modern suit and is a damn good one, not at all boxy, but no too extreme in...
we have ready-to-wear from Haspel, but most are MTM ( Corbin, S. Cohen, Southwick and Oxxford) or Custom from our own shop.
Here is our seersucker line up this season (which starts Memorial Day, and FWIW National Seersucker Day is the 3rd Thursday in June)... Blue, Teal, Black, Grey & Tan
Tunnel Wing
Look at the Florsheim Limited and Imperial lines. Duckie Brown's influence is starting to be seen and the quality is vastly improved over the last 2 years.
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