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Oxxford is the only suit that can be purchased OTR or MTM that is as close to purely hand-made anywhere. GABL has some hand-tailoring on par with Zegna and is a high-quality garment, if it fits you well an you like it, buy it.
We have never charged a client for shortening sleeves of OTR shirts that are sold at full retail.
I'm late to the party but this one where the tailor in LA had a nervous breakdown on here was CLASSIC
We had a client one time that we made a sheath for to hold it in place. As a side note, my father said to my mother, "his wife didn't talk at all" to which my mother replied, "she probably has vocal chord damage".
Corbin makes a great 5 pocket flannel among other fabrics
If anyone is interested, I am preparing to write my OTR Samuelsohn Spring 13 order later this week and will be offering superb pricing on advanced orders of stock sizes. You will be able to pick the model of your choice and terms are 25% down with the balance due when delivered (January through April). Email me and I will email back the scanned swatches of suits and jackets.
A bespoke British Warm would run around $4K in Piacenza Baby Camelhair
Do you mean this: This is a lookbook from Gladson Ltd. A fabric vendor.
S. Cohen
This was an alternate brand for 'Botany 500' by Daroff & Sons of Philadelphia, my father was a designer there during that time and I have the old patterns and specs which I use to make my own collection with.If there were 2 stores in a city, one carried Botany and the other WorstedTex. Daroff went belly up in the early 70's and the labels were sold off in bankruptcy.During this time they also made the suits for the television shows Bewitched and Get Smart.
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