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While that may be true, the problem is as a retailer, Samuelsohn is much more garment oriented rather than marketing oriented as HF is. I get many new Hickey's in my shop to refit or repair and after I show them a Sammy or a Southwick garment (or trade them up to Oxxford) it is easy to convert them over. The older clients always say without fail: "these aren't the quality they used to be, but the price keeps going up". The younger clients which they need usually bought it...
I think the blame goes all the way back to HartMarx as they made very bad decisions for years that crippled the company. Hickey-Freeman has taken all of the make from the garment ("completely mechanized!" the salesman said to me proudly. The salesman also tried to sell me the garment on "it's iconic name" rather than the quality of the garment. That's what the problem is.) and it's target clients realize that it really isn't a $1,600.00 garment anymore that there are...
http://www.mrketplace.com/44367/union-workers-brace-for-more-hmx-trouble/ HMX Workers prepare to occupy factories
http://www.wwd.com/menswear-news/retail-business/hmx-under-deadline-pressure-6406141?full=true from WWD By Vicki M. Young and Jean E. Palmieri The other shoe is about to drop for HMX Group. The company is running out of time as liquidity constraints are forcing it to decide as soon as this week whether to sell the firm or file for bankruptcy court protection. The liquidity constraints are due to a lack of funding from its corporate parent, Mumbai-based S. Kumars...
Dormeuil Amadeus cloth Bespoke in our shop is $2,995.00 for a 2-piece suit, Made-to-measure is $1,995.00.
Go to Guffey's http://www.guffeys.com/
Vicuna shade Cashmere blazer
Oxxford is the only suit that can be purchased OTR or MTM that is as close to purely hand-made anywhere. GABL has some hand-tailoring on par with Zegna and is a high-quality garment, if it fits you well an you like it, buy it.
We have never charged a client for shortening sleeves of OTR shirts that are sold at full retail.
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