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From today's (December 14th) WWD written by Jean E. Palmieri Objections Filed in HMX Bankruptcy The HMX Group bankruptcy process just got ugly. A group calling itself the “proposed attorneys for the official committee of unsecured creditors” has filed an objection with U.S. Bankruptcy Court against the proposed stalking horse bid from Authentic Brands to acquire the troubled manufacturer, claiming the sale process has been manipulated to the point that it will result in...
Couple of Harris Tweeds we had instock this season... had a record sales season of tweeds from Southwick and Oxxford
We did Small Business Saturday (closed Friday) and it was a huge success for us. We ran 50% off on sport shirts and tailored clothing that day and we started our end-of-bolt sale. We kept our inventory tight this year (as did most retailers) and there are much fewer markdowns.
I'm not sure if HMX actually bought it from JA. If they did and didn't pay for it, then JA would have to petition the Court to get it back
John Varvatos' Star USA shirts are extra trim fit.
You met with Michael Mutlese, Daroff's head of manufacturing, who invented the "Korrect Kollar" machine, which revolutionized the ready made clothing industry. My father was Joseph Paranzino, Mutlese's right-hand man and pattern maker. I learned my trade at his knee starting when I was 9, I am now 47. Schumer, workers rally around Hickey Freeman I looked at Schumer's voting record and although I didn't go to deep into it, he did vote against NAFTA and several other trade agreements that have hurt the American apparel manufacturing business.
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