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I'm not sure if HMX actually bought it from JA. If they did and didn't pay for it, then JA would have to petition the Court to get it back
http://www.wwd.com/business-news/human-resources/joseph-abboud-exits-hmx-6491657?src=nl/wkMens/20121116 http://www.mrketplace.com/45201/designer-joseph-abboud-resigns-from-hmx/
John Varvatos' Star USA shirts are extra trim fit.
You met with Michael Mutlese, Daroff's head of manufacturing, who invented the "Korrect Kollar" machine, which revolutionized the ready made clothing industry. My father was Joseph Paranzino, Mutlese's right-hand man and pattern maker. I learned my trade at his knee starting when I was 9, I am now 47.
http://www.democratandchronicle.com/article/20121022/BUSINESS/310220022/Schumer-leading-rally-outside-Hickey-Freeman Schumer, workers rally around Hickey Freeman I looked at Schumer's voting record and although I didn't go to deep into it, he did vote against NAFTA and several other trade agreements that have hurt the American apparel manufacturing business.
http://www.wwd.com/business-news/financial/hmx-group-files-chapter-11-6434586?module=Business-hero More details emerge: (from WWD this morning, my emphasis in Bold Italics) As part of the bankruptcy filing, HMX signed an agreement to sell the company to Authentic Brands Group, with the firm’s U.S. factories, showrooms and other assets of the operating component to be sold to a new entity, or Opco, that will be owned and managed by existing management. As the licensee,...
Just filed Chapter 11 this morning http://www.wwd.com/business-news/financial/hmx-group-files-chapter-11-6434586?src=nl/newsAlert/20121019-1 by Vicki Young from WWD HMX Group and related entities on Friday morning filed a voluntary Chapter 11 petition for bankruptcy court protection in Manhattan. The company’s Canadian affiliates are not part of the bankruptcy filing. HMX also has up to a $65 million debtor-in-possession credit facility with Salus Capital Partners, its...
While that may be true, the problem is as a retailer, Samuelsohn is much more garment oriented rather than marketing oriented as HF is. I get many new Hickey's in my shop to refit or repair and after I show them a Sammy or a Southwick garment (or trade them up to Oxxford) it is easy to convert them over. The older clients always say without fail: "these aren't the quality they used to be, but the price keeps going up". The younger clients which they need usually bought it...
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