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http://www.mrketplace.com/53958/mens-wearhouse-acquires-joseph-abboud/ I had just started carrying JA in my shop last year and did very well with it. Oh well Sorry about the headline typo!
Article in today's paper about seersucker day http://www.wvgazette.com/Life/201306280200
Go with the Bourbon, it is my largest selling style in the shop, 2nd is the Strand in Walnut. For a black shoe, look at the Larchmont.
He wants to keep K&G a the board wants to jettison it. He's looking long term and the board is looking quarter to quarter. It's hard sometimes watching your kids grow up and be successful without you.
How about Roger's DB Blazer from last night? I have received 3 emails already this morning to make it
Generally piling and wear in the crotch is caused by heavy thighs. Have your tailor make a crotch lining for your trousers and that will slow down the wear. The holes in the pictures look like the work of moths
I will be showing in Pittsburgh Monday, January 28th at the Hyatt Place-North Shore.
All of my clients are VIPs to me In the past year my Oxxford business and my house MTM business has doubled mostly because people are looking for quality AND fit. My in house Bespoke could double, but I have a hard time finding sewers where I am located so I can only take on so much.
From today's (December 14th) WWD written by Jean E. Palmieri Objections Filed in HMX Bankruptcy The HMX Group bankruptcy process just got ugly. A group calling itself the “proposed attorneys for the official committee of unsecured creditors” has filed an objection with U.S. Bankruptcy Court against the proposed stalking horse bid from Authentic Brands to acquire the troubled manufacturer, claiming the sale process has been manipulated to the point that it will result in...
Couple of Harris Tweeds we had instock this season... had a record sales season of tweeds from Southwick and Oxxford
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