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I replaced H. Freeman with Southwick. Had huge quality and service issues with H. Freeman. Mr. Rothchild's situation is one of many I had with them the past season and they became so arrogant, especially the shop foreman who is actually an accountant and not a tailor, that I had to let them go. I ask for full canvas or half canvas, garments came in fused, wrong models shipped, not following my measures, etc.My MTM I cut the garments in my shop and ship them to an NY...
This book (SherryTweed) has performed well for me: http://www.hollandandsherry.com/apparel/collections.aspx?season=AW2011&details=HS1188
I had 3 and sold them all in 2 days upon arrival.
Look for a shop that rents Joseph Abboud tuxes. I rent tuxedos in my shop and they are the best quality ones that I have found and have a great slim fit model. I also do well with the Calvin Klein tuxes for weddings, very nice quality for a rental, but the Abboud is a notch above.
Same as Chapter 11 here in the States. Might want to file a claim and see what happens
It is VBC 120s from Como II. Still one of my favorite jacket books.
I will be having a trunkshow featuring Oxxford, Southwick and my own collection at the Hyatt Summerfield Suites in Herndon, Virginia Friday & Saturday. For an appointment or more information, email me anthony@bestmastertailor.com
I sell many jackets made from E. Thomas's mill.... Gladson is the US distributor to the trade
Let's try to put together a DC gathering. I will be in Herndon Next Friday & Saturday, so maybe a Saturday evening meet up in Georgetown?
There was a nasty split in the garment union about a year ago, now some factories are Unite (i.e. Southwick), some are SEIU (i.e. Oxxford)
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