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Point-to-point is based upon a 40R. It will increase (or decrease) 1/4" each size up (down); i.e., 41 will be 18 3/4", 42 will be 19, etc.
Not a rumor, it is a fact, can even have button fly trousers if you desire. 
It's heartbreaking to see such a great store close. There is no mention if it on their Facebook page:
My salesman said he understands that Southwick will be making Golden Fleece (they already make the Black Fleece). They are expanding the Haverhill factory as we speak for more production.
Great articles on 2 great guys
As a Southwick dealer, I personally know they have been putting out some great, consistent garments here lately (and upgraded the trouser make substantially) and the Haverhill factory is capable of producing almost any type of make. When they do make a mistake, it is corrected almost immediately and with no hassle. On another note, it has more handwork in one shoulder that the new Hickey-Freeman's have in the entire garment.
Story of my life! LOL
Corbin has an incredible selection in their MTM box
I replaced H. Freeman with Southwick. Had huge quality and service issues with H. Freeman. Mr. Rothchild's situation is one of many I had with them the past season and they became so arrogant, especially the shop foreman who is actually an accountant and not a tailor, that I had to let them go. I ask for full canvas or half canvas, garments came in fused, wrong models shipped, not following my measures, etc.My MTM I cut the garments in my shop and ship them to an NY...
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