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In the trade this is called an abortion... Go to a good men's store or tailor and have a suit made, you will save money in the long run
This is why you go to specialty stores and established tailors to have suits made, they stand behind them. I get at least 1 "internet" suit a week in my shop to be fixed. it ends up costing them more than if they would have come to me in the first place.Oak Hall is a very fine store too, I had just forgot about them.
They have done all of our reweaving for years... Great people too!
If you're in Memphis, why not go to James Davis https://www.facebook.com/pages/James-Davis/114905805252971 Great store with KNOWLEDGEABLE staff. I'm sure you can find a great suit that fits in your price range.
http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/business/2013/08/31/custom-suit-maker-files-for-liquidation.html At least they drove BMWs
http://www.mrketplace.com/54086/peerless-and-hart-schaffner-marx-deal-near/ Mark my words, in 3 years some of the garments will be produced off shore.
That has changed, they are looking to sell, this was reported today.
Allen Edmonds explores Sale: http://www.mrketplace.com/54011/allen-edmonds-exploring-sale-of-company/ First Abboud, then Hickey, Now AE
^ article written by Jean Palmeri
From WWD Patience paid off for Samuelsohn. Grano Retail Investments, the parent company of the Montreal-based manufacturer, is expected to reveal Sunday that it has acquired all the tangible assets of the Hickey Freeman brand, including its factory in Rochester, N.Y. Grano has also signed a 40-year license with Authentic Brands Group, which purchased the Hickey Freeman brand as part of its acquisition of HMX Group last year, to produce the brand. Grano was among the...
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