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We sell many of them, both off the rack and Made-to-Measure. I have not had any problems and with HF's new make (lighter canvas and more handwork) they perform very well. Comparing it to the 150sTaz, it is a little beefier, but that's part of "performance" fabrics. I recommend it if you do any amount of travel and need to look fresh for the meeting coming from the airport.
I've always used Shantz for horn buttons
We just placed an order for to carry them in our shop. They are VERY high quality and offer a special make up program too. They are working on a Bepoke service also.
Carl is the man!
We are having our 6th Annual Seersucker Day party this Thursday: Ivy Style gave us a nice plug:
I have sold 2 Holland & Sherry Blue Sapphire Suits and 1 Dormeuil Jade this season and several Ambassadors. I am finding that my high-end clients are pushing the boundaries of luxury and exclusiveness. Gentlemen who were buying $1,500.00 suits are now buying $2,500.00 suits, ones that wear 5K suits are looking at 10K and so on.
I sell David Donahue shirts in our store and season after season they sell very well with many repeat customers. Very well made (China) at $135.00 and they also have a great stock program and a seasonal program with up to 37" sleeves and fantastic formal shirts. I've never experienced any problems with the collars in the past 2 1/2 years we have sold them.
It's all about the paper. Especially with today's CAD/CAM cutting, it will be basically a seamless operation. I'm excited about the new things happening at Hickey and have spoken with Granovsky to get his assurance that everything is on the right track.
While I have been very critical of Hickey-Freeman and their previous management(s) over the years, Granovsky has them on the right track. I believe Grano has made the investments necessary to make HF as one of the premier tailored clothing makers and I am putting my money where my mouth is as our store will be a Hickey-Freeman account going forward. The deal with Polo bolsters my argument and for those of you worried about a "boxy" fit, RL will use their own paper rather...
Could be from Dormeuil's Ambassador Collection I have made several dinner jackets from this collection Pricing is around 5K
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