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We just placed an order for to carry them in our shop. They are VERY high quality and offer a special make up program too. They are working on a Bepoke service also.
Carl is the man!
We are having our 6th Annual Seersucker Day party this Thursday: http://www.facebook.com/events/654883491261471/ Ivy Style gave us a nice plug: http://www.ivy-style.com/forget-milk-sugar-the-seersucker-cocktail.html
I have sold 2 Holland & Sherry Blue Sapphire Suits and 1 Dormeuil Jade this season and several Ambassadors. I am finding that my high-end clients are pushing the boundaries of luxury and exclusiveness. Gentlemen who were buying $1,500.00 suits are now buying $2,500.00 suits, ones that wear 5K suits are looking at 10K and so on.
I sell David Donahue shirts in our store and season after season they sell very well with many repeat customers. Very well made (China) at $135.00 and they also have a great stock program and a seasonal program with up to 37" sleeves and fantastic formal shirts. I've never experienced any problems with the collars in the past 2 1/2 years we have sold them.
It's all about the paper. Especially with today's CAD/CAM cutting, it will be basically a seamless operation. I'm excited about the new things happening at Hickey and have spoken with Granovsky to get his assurance that everything is on the right track.
While I have been very critical of Hickey-Freeman and their previous management(s) over the years, Granovsky has them on the right track. I believe Grano has made the investments necessary to make HF as one of the premier tailored clothing makers and I am putting my money where my mouth is as our store will be a Hickey-Freeman account going forward. The deal with Polo bolsters my argument and for those of you worried about a "boxy" fit, RL will use their own paper rather...
Could be from Dormeuil's Ambassador Collection http://www.dormeuil.com/en/cloth-collection/detailed-collection/ultimate-luxury/ambassador/ I have made several dinner jackets from this collection Pricing is around 5K
http://www.mrketplace.com/57726/samuelsohn-completes-hickey-freeman-deal/ This move has saved HF and maybe bring them back to what they once was. A good start would be to put back some hand-work into the garment.
http://www.mrketplace.com/57317/mens-wearhouse-rejects-offer-from-jos-a-bank/ JosBanks wanted Buy 1 get 3 free but Mens Wearhouse sees right through the deceptive pricing
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