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nice deal. not my size:(
Some seriously nice stuff in this thread! Love the LP and RL. Dalmine is high quality stuff. I have a couple of them. Very nice yarns. IMO much better value than $425 RL cashmere sweaters.
No kidding. This is a bargain. Comparable to Isaia in a hard to find size, with others asking for $1000+ for Isaia. I am surprised nobody has taken this.
It seems pretty obvious to me: 1) mega-threads are desirable to most people, buyers and sellers 2) a system that encourages and rewards mega-threads is desirable to most people as the result of #1. A system that merely allows mega-threads but makes them disadvantaged will force out mega-threads, which is undesirable to most people, which makes the system undesirable to most people. The mods has every right to change the system to what is desirable to them, rather than...
I suppose there are technical issues here but I suspect a consideration of not forcing people to consolidate threads is to increase the number of listings and to incentavize sellers to buy memberships. If you don't pay for a membership then your listings will be on page 5 in no time. So you have to buy memberships. The irony is if all you sellers buy memberships, none of you is better off or worse off so you pay for no real benefit. But you still have to pay! The Nash...
love the valentini, PM sent.
Quote: Originally Posted by Valor You are selling for spot + 5.29 per oz? Is this a joke? How about I sell you 10 kilos of silver at spot + 5$ an ounce? These comments are ignorant. He is not selling silver bricks. If you are proposing to sell silver coins at spot plus $5, sure I will take some 2000 Chinese Pandas, 1995-W American eagles, 1997 Britannia, 1998 Libertad. I will buy as many as you have. Let's not even mention some of the older...
Their jackets are so short!
Who make these shoes? SF? Nice looking shoes. GL with the sale..
Restock some staples in size 32?
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