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As an aside, the buyer at American Tailors has a good eye for selecting ties that are fun without being gaudy. Also to clarify, I think it's just that they don't like people touching the display C&Js.
Wow, the groom's clothes do a whole bunch of not fitting.
I love how this thread pays no attention to the surging popularity of waistcoats in modern fashion.
I spent about an hour coming to terms with the staggering amount of The Gay involved in the fact Tom Ford had directed a film based on a Christopher Isherwood novel. Otherwise, I thought the trailer looked very stylish but also incredibly prissy. Like everything else related to Tom Ford, really.
RM Williams are very comfortable and have almost zero break-in time. The whiskey tan leather is quite nice, would work with suits or jeans.
Quote: Originally Posted by Odd I/O Have you seen what passes for professional attire these days? You'll be fine unless you're working with a styleforum crew in which case I'm sure a spirited debate will break out and you'll be called upon to defend your decision. Fun! Something like this should be visible on every thread. Too often do people on this forum forget that the real world doesn't give a shit about clothes.
The forum will inevitably demand that you look into RM Williams. Also disregard laphroaig's comment about chelseas being chunkier than oxfords. It's entirely dependent on the particular last of the boot.
Most of the db-cardigan/vest things getting around have been on the chunky-frumpy side. I'd totally wear something like in those photos.
I'd like to see more of the very fine & tight machine stitching flush with the edge as seen in a lot of vintage American jackets. It's subtler than the pseudo-pickstitching that's getting around a lot at the moment has a certain directness about it.
There's an Edit button, comrade. As unusual as they are, I think they'd be fairly versatile. The colours are mostly neutral.
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