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Hello All! I am looking for my first pair of raw jeans - any suggestions? I would like to have a very dark slim fit. I appreciate the help!
Quote: Originally Posted by TJS1589 Nudie regular ralf is a slight bootcut (size down one from whatever is comfortable to you). Probably would work for you. Wide bootcuts (flares) don't take to kindly around here. Thanks for the help! I am not one for flare bootcut - just a little wider at the boot. Thanks again!
Hello All! I am new to styleforum and need some advice...I am looking into getting my FIRST pair of raw jeans - so obvisiously need help! So what brand would you suggest for a great first pair. A little about what I like and about me: I am a short guy - 5'6'' - and about 130lbs, so smaller...but I love slim boot cut...and do not know if they are made by a raw brand. I would like to wear them with dress shoes and my Sperry's. I love dark jeans and not so into a...
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