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Aussie Bush Hats can send you some via the post. Go to here and order online. www.aussiebushhats.com.au
It is different, the sole is meant to be long wearing and great for lots of walking, so might be for those who want something not as fancy. But Mongrel are not as well known as RMW.
What about Mongrel Boots to, these are made in Australia and they have a riding boot similar also. The quality is no where as good as RMW or Baxters but are there for those who want something a lot less in price but made in Australia.
That's good if you live in Adelaide, South Australia and can be at the door at daylight when they have sales on, but for the rest of us we buy when needed.
The prices on boots goes up every 6 months with each new winter or summer catalogue release. I have notice this every year the prices just creep up for the past 10 years. Many years ago it was stable. But what can you do.........
The only polish I have used for my Dark Tan is the tins that RMW sell, and that colour on the tin was called Dark Tan, the leather conditioner is the RMW one. Now looking at the tins I used, it appears just a few shaded lighter and less redness than chestnut colour tin. I will say more coffee or chocolate hue compared to the redder/claret chestnut colour.
Yes my first pair was Dark Tan yearling with leather sole, once the sole wore thin i had then replaced with rubber sole, they are over 20 years old now, the colour is now way darker than the first day I wore then. I think today, they look so close to chestnut in colour as all the years of leather conditioner and polishing has made it appear a lot darker. My first pair are now aging so fast, with hair line cracks appearing around the last toe area. The leather is so soft....
Yes with slacks or trousers mostly. I like both colours, Black for formal and Chestnut with Navy slacks. The Dark Tan I like to wear more for casual now. I don't really have a favourite colour.
Buy Both, easy fixed! So splash out and both colours will provide you the simple answer. I bet if you buy 1 colour then it wont be long for you to order the other colour.I started off with my first pair as Dark Tan, then brought another in Black, and Chestnut and then more.
Yes Aussie Bush Hats are very good at made to order boots, I have used then a few times and they are very good in terms of getting what you want. You need to wait but its well worth it to see the final product in the end. Send then an email, I am sure Joy will look after you in every respect. Give then a go let us know how you got on...
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