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Yes the factory is the only place to replace the screwed soles. Take then in and get it done. It will take time but well worth the price. They will look like new once the repair is completed.
The Stables have closed down in November 2014. Canberra or the Gold Coast is the closet Outlet store in Sydney these days.
Yeah, I got that email to. By the sounds of it he wants you to order now before another price increase kicks in after Christmas period. RMW used to put prices up every 6 months, so looks like it is back to the old trick again.
Quality has already. Not every boot or shoe is Made In Australia, so it is a matter of time when the Craftsman will be made else where. The clothing range is made mostly from overseas to. Just the logo remains now. Its a shame but this is what happens when someone who owned the company is getting on in life and wants to find a seller willing to buy it at top price. At the end of the day, if you don't expand and grow the market then it was not worth doing business as the...
What they are trying to do is making you upgrade onto the 'Signature' craftsman boot which is French Veal Calf. Its the pricey one which makes the most profit for the group. Its all about the marketing these days I am afraid.
Same with me, same size for both the Craftsmen and Macquarie. Only difference is the toe finish, chisel or lightly pointed. As for which one looks better then it depends on what you want to wear with then. They both have the same feel, but the Macquarie is just elegant.
389 George Street Sydney would be the only store in SYDNEY to have the range and fittings for you to try, Go and see the Englishman named Allan there, he will look after your for fit and size. 389 George Street is the store that sells the most RMW gear in Sydney. Let us know how you went with Allan.....
What model or style did you end up buying?
Aussie Bush Hats can send you some via the post. Go to here and order online.
It is different, the sole is meant to be long wearing and great for lots of walking, so might be for those who want something not as fancy. But Mongrel are not as well known as RMW.
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