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I would never wear these but if you're comfortable in them then have at it.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Wonder who the editor was: Sounds like George Bush to me.
I don't know how you should handle this. My wife encourages me to spend too much on clothing for myself. Most times she won't even look at the price tag, she'll just say 'you would look good in this, you should buy it'. I have to calm her down sometimes. Having said that, if you're already arguing about money, it's just going to get worse later on. You need to either put your foot down and set her expectations straight right now, or else stop whining and learn to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido PG, You've inspired me...I ordered a pair of these today.
Quote: Originally Posted by greenlantern Wearing a dress shirt with the cuffs unbuttoned but not rolled up. Ya, I know a couple of Aussie's that do this. I can't say that I hate it though...I wouldn't do it but it has a sort of "cassualness" to it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Swan Song these are showing up at Nordstrom Rack, now I bought the Walnut Calf, 9.5D for $99 today. Good catch for $99!
Quote: Originally Posted by Style Pontifex I've received so many compliments on my walnut bel airs that I've stopped keeping count. They're a beautiful shoe, and well-constructed. I just finished cleaning my walnut Bel Air's...sooooo nice!
Quote: Originally Posted by Twotone Omega vs. Rolex BMW vs. Mercedes Benz Nikon vs. Canon Alden vs. Allen Edmonds Kiton vs. Brioni Mont Blanc vs. Waterman Asian girls vs. Russian girls Mercedes Nikon AE Brioni No Opinion Brazilian (sorry, they top them all)
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar I fully agree with you... Fat slobs wearing track suits...Hipsters on obvious obsese teenager... Sandals with socks...Bermudas on men with ultra skinny legs..Earrings on men and on babies.. Crocs , the plastic monstruosities on anyone over 5 years-old.. Tattoes on anyone over 30 ...Wingtips with suits..Flip-flops outside the beach or a marina.. Please, tell us how you really feel!
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