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Quote: Originally Posted by imightbechad Please enlighten us as to what other excellent movies weren't excellent enough for you... The two worst; Transformers G. I. Joe
Quote: Originally Posted by rlx Good luck. I had to replace all of the buttons on each of my Eton shirts. Shirts are great but the buttons cracked very quickly at the laundry. Buttons can be replaced....but it would be disappointing.
Just another in a long line of disappointing movies this summer.
Eton (shirts). I now have 10 although they are only a few weeks old. I don't know how they will stand the test of time.
Quote: Originally Posted by dinted voice Any good place online to catch these episodes? AMC doesn't offer them unfortunately. You can get it on iTunes the day after the air date.
I only put my shirts in the dryer for 3-5 minutes. I take them out and hang them (on hangers) when they are still very wet/damp. I never have an issue with the collars. I also never let my wife or my maid wash my shirts; I know that they'll dry the hell out of them. What brand of shirt is this happening to?
Quote: Originally Posted by Lothar I can't help laughing at your avatar. Though I do have a boner.... Ya, sometimes I post just so that I can see it...like I'm doing now!
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel It's not the pants that make your legs look short. I can't stop laughing at this. Funny stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by bottomtotop So basically does anybody know which country I can get the best quality but pay the least? (aka slave labor so its cheap, like even go to the factory where they make it etc.) And also is there a proxy in this country or how would I go about finding one? Are you mentally challenged?
New Chukkas are next on my list!
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