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Quote: Originally Posted by johnny_flapjack What do you mean by french collar? I assumed that he meant french cuff.
I've never understood this myself. What is the point? It looks like hell and it has to be uncomfortable once the leather gets a little damp. I can only imagine the smell after a few days.
I say yes, but I think I'm a minority in this forum. Most here will say nay.
Need: Alden Chukkas Want: Incotex Pants (might be a need...who knows?) Lust: Vox's shoe closet
Quote: Originally Posted by cordarounds Foo should have worn these for his Esquire spread!
Sure, why not? It works for Britney!
Quote: Originally Posted by kev777 Although theres no denying thats a wonderful shoe, everytime i see that pic i just cant help but thinking at least one village still has its idiot................. I disagree with your conclusion. On many occasions I've regretted not buying more than one of something; usually once it's too late. You never know when a certain product is going to be discontinued so if you find something that you love...stock up!
Quote: Originally Posted by origenesprit Dan sounds like an ass. I hope Foo wins. Agreed, he sounds like a douche!
"What's the most expensive thing in your closet? Definitely my Thom Browne cashmere overcoat. It's worth $5,000. But I have a rule: I don't pay retail. Ever. I go to sample sales or shop on eBay. I only paid $800 for that overcoat." Ummmm...doesn't that make it "worth" $800 then?
Can you not buy Alden's online (direct from Alden)?
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