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I say yes, but I think I'm a minority in this forum. Most here will say nay.
Need: Alden Chukkas Want: Incotex Pants (might be a need...who knows?) Lust: Vox's shoe closet
Quote: Originally Posted by cordarounds Foo should have worn these for his Esquire spread!
Sure, why not? It works for Britney!
Quote: Originally Posted by kev777 Although theres no denying thats a wonderful shoe, everytime i see that pic i just cant help but thinking at least one village still has its idiot................. I disagree with your conclusion. On many occasions I've regretted not buying more than one of something; usually once it's too late. You never know when a certain product is going to be discontinued so if you find something that you love...stock up!
Quote: Originally Posted by origenesprit Dan sounds like an ass. I hope Foo wins. Agreed, he sounds like a douche!
"What's the most expensive thing in your closet? Definitely my Thom Browne cashmere overcoat. It's worth $5,000. But I have a rule: I don't pay retail. Ever. I go to sample sales or shop on eBay. I only paid $800 for that overcoat." Ummmm...doesn't that make it "worth" $800 then?
Can you not buy Alden's online (direct from Alden)?
Quote: Originally Posted by imightbechad Please enlighten us as to what other excellent movies weren't excellent enough for you... The two worst; Transformers G. I. Joe
Quote: Originally Posted by rlx Good luck. I had to replace all of the buttons on each of my Eton shirts. Shirts are great but the buttons cracked very quickly at the laundry. Buttons can be replaced....but it would be disappointing.
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