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Quote: Originally Posted by ajv those above just seem exactly what one needs to have the look (which I don't subscribe to) without the annoyances.... It's not the hygienic nature of sock-less look that most here would oppose...it's how it looks. Again, there are some shoes that lend themselves to this look better than others (loafers for example) but Edmoral's point is that it looks awful with oxfords, brogues, and monks specifically.
I think that he's still holding back and will continue to break the record many times over.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jokerman Judging by this comment and your horrid excuse for a masculine avatar you sir are a complete moron. Douche
Quote: Originally Posted by chrome_dout You had to actually see these movies to realize they were going to suck? I thought it was obvious by the cast and directors. I guess I should have known.
Swarley, If anyone actually answers your question let me know. Off topic I know but...do you know of anywhere to get Incotex or Eton at a decent price? Preferably in the Troy area.
Man, I love my avitar! <--
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 There are so many praising comments and thumbs up from noobs and "nice guys" for outfits and posters with terrible taste that the ugliness just perpetuates. I agree with this. I've seen a lot of outfits that, in my opinion, look like a train wreck and yet I read some very positive comments from SFers about them. It only serves to bolster the confidence of those that are so very confused to begin with. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by ZackyBoy I generally just mean white collar blue shirt... googled it and said it was called a french collar. But this is what I meant: In that case, No!
Quote: Originally Posted by theoldadage What are peoples' thoughts on this? It's a damn fine jacket. Quote: Originally Posted by theoldadage Does it seem wise, given the circumstances? If you're going to wear it 25 times a year you might want to consider more than one; maybe in a different style for diversity. Quote: Originally Posted by theoldadage What would you...
It's all teenager club wear; and it's crap to boot! Stay far away from it. Better yet, firebomb the store the next time you pass by.
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