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Quote: Originally Posted by UFN Even Eton's contemporary line is quite slim with very long arms, but the slim fit models are obviously even slimmer. /U. I find that the contemporary fit have too much fabric in the back.
First off, thanks Sebastian for starting this thread. I'm sure that many of us slim folk appreciate it. For shirts, I find that Eton's slim fit work well for me. I'm not quit as skinny as Sebastian but at 6'2" / 170lbs I'm definitely slim. However, I can see why not everyone would want to pay $250 for an OTR shirt. They also do MMT but I've never used this service, the OTR seems to work well for me. The only chino's that actually work for me are a pair of Massimo...
Quote: Originally Posted by Smartalox Check out a movie called 'Derailed' that she starred in with Clive Owen, circa 2005. Definitely hotter than 'Rachel', WTF! You think that Clive Owen is hotter than Jennifer Aniston?
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow Odd, I've heard several guys use Sandra Bullock as an example of a woman who has sex appeal above and beyond her appearance. The example I would use is Kelly Ripa, who for some reason is 200% hotter than my brain can handle. Kelly Ripa is crack whore. I can't stand the sound of her voice and couldn't possibly imagine tolerating her long enough to bang her.
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron Aniston does nothing for me, never has. She has a hot body and I'd certainly bang her, but on a celebrity scale, she doesn't even register on my radar. Jolie was hot about ten years ago, now I think she looks scary. Her features are way too big - she's like a monster. I don't even think I'd fuck her. And I'd bet a tidy sum that she has enourmous labia (unless she's had them trimmed at the vaginoplasty...
Here's what you do. Buy a small safe, don't anchor it to anything, leave nothing in it. Put all of your valuables either in a SDB or hide them somewhere. The thieves will take the safe thinking that there is something valuable in it and may never find your real valuables. Of course they'll probably be pissed and come back to kill you in your sleep.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Here's her front. You gay yet? Oh mommy that is sweet!
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero The most underrated feature on a woman is a well defined hamstring. True dat!
Somebody should win a fuck1ng Nobel prize for this...pure genius!
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