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Why is it that we're in Afghanistan again?
1. I'm on my way home after a 3 week business trip 2. I'm not a lawyer 3. Megan Fox 4. Camel Toe
When I worked for a tech company back in the 90's, my HR rep's title was "Organizational Thrill-Seeker and People Development Visionary"...it was actually printed on her business cards. I wanted to punch her in the ovaries every time I saw that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang Yes. Also, "opportunity cost" when "cost" is all that is meant. Sorry Kent...but 'opportunity cost' and 'cost' are two different things. Having said that, I agree that many people use them as the same thing.
It depends. If you're single, Brasil. If you're not then it doesn't really matter. Just ask the Misses!
Paradigm Shift - I want to put a meat cleaver in the skull of anyone who actually uses this!
Quote: Originally Posted by Roikins You mean a "former friend," right? You mean "gay former friend" right?
Throw everything out...keep the Zacapa!
Who cares, it's crap. For a big boys rum try Zacapa XO or Zacapa 23 YO. Goes down like nothin' else.
Dahl Makhani...mmm mmm good!
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