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When I worked for a tech company back in the 90's, my HR rep's title was "Organizational Thrill-Seeker and People Development Visionary" was actually printed on her business cards. I wanted to punch her in the ovaries every time I saw that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang Yes. Also, "opportunity cost" when "cost" is all that is meant. Sorry Kent...but 'opportunity cost' and 'cost' are two different things. Having said that, I agree that many people use them as the same thing.
It depends. If you're single, Brasil. If you're not then it doesn't really matter. Just ask the Misses!
Paradigm Shift - I want to put a meat cleaver in the skull of anyone who actually uses this!
Quote: Originally Posted by Roikins You mean a "former friend," right? You mean "gay former friend" right?
Throw everything out...keep the Zacapa!
Who cares, it's crap. For a big boys rum try Zacapa XO or Zacapa 23 YO. Goes down like nothin' else.
Dahl Makhani...mmm mmm good!
This is my first post here so be gentle... I'll be attending the baptism of my daughter in a weeks time and I've decided on wearing a dark grey, single breast, double vent, 2-button, wool suit with my brown Allen-Edmonds wingtips. I was thinking of wearing a white shirt with either a blue/white stripped Burberry tie or a pink/white stripped Burberry tie. However, I think that they both look a little informal for the occasion. Any thoughts or other...
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