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Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I haven't had time to post any summer pics, but here are a few tan-ish looks from late spring: And a sample shot to show trousers and shoes: - B What are these shoes in the last picture?
You lost me after "I".
If they're getting married in Cancun and the reception is at the poolside bar, then don't wear a tie. Otherwise, wear one! I think that people who show up to formal events under dressed are doucy...if that's a word!
Quote: Originally Posted by EL72 WTF? You have tickets to a concert and stay home to play scrabble with your wife's out of town friends! Did it hurt when she cut them off? Oh ya, it was painful!
Bow-ties...unless your PeeWee Herman, Tucker Carlson, or Winston Churchill. No wait, Tucker Carlson is a pompous ass and looks ridiculous in a bow-tie. So, I guess that just leaves PeeWee and Winston.
When I grow up, I want to be edmorel!
Leonard Cohen was in town a few weeks back...I had tickets...out of nowhere my wife's out of town friend calls and says that her and hubby are coming to visit for the weekend...he's a not a Leonard Cohen fan...I sit home the night of the concert playing Scrabble.
Quote: Originally Posted by Skyler The finest leather bag east of the Mississippi... and truly handmade - every cotton pickin' stitch of 'em. A must. Skyler, This was not what I was looking for at all. However, after I saw this bag I had to have it. I just placed my order this morning and it is shipping this afternoon. I bought a Vegetable Tanned Maverick model. Can't wait to get it. Thanks, Barry
You can if you're wearing office pants too!
I'm looking for a new leather computer bag but I want something that doesn't look like big bulky computer bag. I'd prefer it to be sleek and elegant. I'm willing to sacrifice a bit of functionality for style (I'm shameless aren't I). Also, I don't want anything 'branded' (i.e, no LV, Gucci, etc). Specs: - leather (tan not black) - reinforced to support the weight of a 15" MacBook Pro - Elegant in style and form - Firm (i hate leather messenger bags...they look...
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