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Thanks all, I'll just stick with the 11D then.
I'm about to order a pair of AE MacNeil's online. I normally wear an 11D and in fact I have a pair of Bel Air's in 11D that fit like a glove. I've heard that the MacNeil fits a little wide and that I should go with an 11C. Does anyone else have experience with both of these shoes? If so, please comment on the relative fit. Cheers
This will look great and (unlike when wearing black shoes) people will notice and comment on your AEs!
I am wearing cuff links and a pocket square today...just to spite Esquire!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Bradford Just picked up the latest Esquire Big Black Book - Fall 2009 Edition. In response to the current economic downturn, the editors are calling for a new, more serious, sober type of dressing. As part of this they say that pocket squares should be removed and barrel cuff shirts are the way to go. They also advocate for the return of the white shirt (which I didn't realize ever went away), striped and ancient...
Quote: Originally Posted by Finsen Since I haven't decided if I want cuffs or not on my suit pants, an idea came up. What if I do inverse cuffs on the pants? Basically, it will be like pants cuffs but folded and sewn inward instead of out. So, I will have a straight hem to start with, and if I want cuffs next season, I can simply turn out the extra materials. Do you think the extra material would affect how the pants drape? How much materials can I...
I'm considering a trip to Budapest in order to get measured for a pair of bespoke shoes. Actually, it will require 2 trips; one for the measurement and a second for a fitting once the shoes are ready. I'm not worried about the cost of the trips so please no "that's a waste of money" responses. My question really goes out to anyone on this forum that might own a pair (or pairs) of both bestoke and off the shelf Vass. Is there a noticeable difference in the...
Excellent. Thank you.
Hi All, I'll be in Miami at the end of this week and want to purchase some Incotex pants. Can anyone tell me who/where would have the best selection? Cheers, Barry
Never trust any salesmen...of any kind. Rat bastards!
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