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Nii, I pm'd you...if you're feeling generous today, I'd like to get the name of this tailor...I'll even suggest he give you a finders fee B
Note: I won't use Marta as my primary form of transportation...just for quick runs to the airport!
Calling all Atlanta SF'ers, I've just been awarded a contract in Atlanta and I'll be there for a year starting March 1st. I haven't been to Atlanta since 2001 and I have no idea where to shop. Please send me your top 5 list!!! Also, on a side note, any suggestions for mid to upscale apartments would be appreciated. I want to be located in Mid-Town or Buckhead and prefer something near a Marta station. Cheers, B
Vox, You are now officially my hero! I won't put my kid in anything that I wouldn't wear myself. Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria This topic has a special place in my heart (the non-blackened parts.) My son is five, and thus far, his clothes have come from Miniman, Petit Bateau, Tea, Marie Chantal, Oilily, and Bonpoint. I also get basics from Mini Boden and Gap Kids. All his shoes come from Vincent. Unfortunately, both the Oilily...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Guys, let's keep this on topic. Excellent shoes. Are they shell? no, not shell. Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell Those are brown, right, not antique cognac? They are cognac...maybe it colour is a bit off in the photo.
I just received my Vass shoes from Kolecho yesterday. The order was 100% spot and was delivered within the timeframe that he committed to. I'll be ordering more soon and would recommend his services to anyone else that might be looking for these shoes. I was at first worried that there would be issues with the style, size, colour, etc. However, Kolecho walked me through everything and even recommended a size based on what I normally wear in North America. Barry
Thanks to Kolecho, I got my Vass today...
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's Nonsense. The key to wearing a fine hat is not to be self conscious. Just put it on your head and go. With this in mind I've finally come out of the hat closet...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria That fake parmesan cheese from Kraft that comes in the cardboard tube also works, but you have to sprinkle heavily. Another thing to try is Botox injections into your feet. - B Vox, I think that your humor was lost on the poster, however, I appreciated it.
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