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trenches with brigg umbrellas other than that nothing new in particular
Quote: Originally Posted by keykoo Starrs have closed lacing (or is it open? I get the terminology wrong). Anyways, they have a different lacing. yea my bad.... i was thinking that there is something different about it at first but they all look so damn similar ..so i was like what the hell
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Are those PS shoes on sale at Saks the same as these PS shoes from PS's main website? They both have similar desing and style and both are described as dip-dyed but the color dye are different, even though their both brown. Is it just the pics? The ones on the left are miller and the ones on the right are starr...
Quote: Originally Posted by keykoo Are those Millers? theyre called starr
Quote: Originally Posted by Countertenor I think that if we are talking about something that would be good for wearing in the rain (i.e. protect our clothing underneath), then we should really think about something a bit longer than mid-thigh. Trouser thighs/knees always seem to attract rain, which sucks when you have to sit down once you're indoors. Yea...its more style than function to shorten it...
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Sounds like you guys are describing my trench. sounds like theyre describing the three i own...
Well Mac coats are made differently than trench coats and that is why Mac coats are more water resistant. I think there is a rubber layer between the layers of fabric. This makes it more water proof or resistant... I guess you could build a trench in that way....
IDK whether or not this is true but I read that trenchcoats are more for light rain...they really arnt water resistant...mac coats on the other hand are made for a downpour
my roomate in hs completely restored one... it was pretty nice
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