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Last year Usher was at Sterling an Burke in DC. He dropped like 30k on a bunch of Brigg umbrellas and luggage. Some of it was featured in one of his music videos. The brigg specialist there told me that usher wished he could buy more. But he wasn't sure if he could use all that brigg and he wanted to figure his finances after he paid his bills to see if he could even afford anymore.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gravitas Only picture : MMJoverCrate(NV)overCanali(needtogetthistailored) this is the worstest waywt post of alls time now this is some next level shit
has anyone been to mama dips in chapel hill, north carolina?
Bills Burger and Bar just opened up in meat packing.... shake shack style burgers. fresh cut fries.... burgers around 5-8 bucks. fries 3-5.... also for a fairly cheap sushi place that has really good special rolls - sakura hana in west village. the rolls are huge compared to similar places. and they taste better
Had a punch Rothschild maduro yesterday thanks to jets suggestion. Best 5 dollar cigar I've had..
Quote: Originally Posted by VKK3450 You would be surprised how much really good salespeople can earn after comission. And how little some PhDs can earn. K Lol. I know an sa in NYC who got a masters in math from columbia.
^^^ Kanye's gf is always walking around soho with him. Youd be nuttin all over the place
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger that ervell is real nice teger has spoken people. someone should cop asap.
The Legend
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