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5196 in white gold this is my favorite watch. i dont wear it though. hopefully one of these days
all you plebes lists are wack. you aint got shit when you aint got rick!
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol did you really buy a $10 000+ book the books retail was 1,500. these days prices are all over the place. mostly around 10-15 k. i didnt pay nearly that much
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Real ballers get the limited first edition: read my post. it says first edition. the entire first edition was limited to my knowledge.
accepting reasonable offers now. pm me with details...
accepting reasonable offers now. please pm me with details...
Common projects Achilles common projects court shoes German military sneakers mmm German military sneakers
Quote: Originally Posted by ToruOkada How vintage could this possibly be? Even though biscottis piece is not that old, abercrombie and fitch used to be a legit clothing manufacturer of outdoors wear and other related crap. The current incarnation is nothing like it used to be. It was found late 1800 or early 1900s...
Quote: Originally Posted by keykoo Jil Blazer Junya Vest Junya Knit BoO seafoam shirt Nicecopsman!
Maybe uncontrol is a stylist at the m.a.c. shop
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