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Quote: Originally Posted by GoSurface Actually, Marc has been wearing the skirt since 2008. I think he debuted it carrying an hermes HAC. Also Marc was wearing Rick way before socal.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet kopped plus 1
Also I sold my two year old iMac a week and half ago for 1300 dollars. I had bought it for 1600 new with a student discount. Pretty good resale value. Put it up on craigslist and got a ton of interest. My iMac did have 4gb ram as opposed to 2gb stock. It cost me another 60 for that from crucial...
Quote: Originally Posted by mjHession Which one did ya get? Got mine. Doesn't it come with a remote? Or did you buy an extra one...
Quote: Originally Posted by BoutrosBoutros $200 for both What is the purpose of the big ass buckle on the back of your shoe?
Quote: Originally Posted by BoutrosBoutros Mark Jacobs... Shit is cash. is mark jacobs the marc jacobs knock off brand?
Quote: Originally Posted by cjmorris21 I don't believe that it is $1000. Show me. lol are you mad cuz its out of your budget?
Isn't hm like the walmart clothing house brand of Europe ?
Quote: Originally Posted by irbe Anybody know how much do second hand Rolex go for and a good source to go to? Thanks There is a vast range of prices depending on what you're looking for and a number of places you can go buy one.
Quote: Originally Posted by cmeisenzahl I imagine that dressy boots such as wingtip models would. But I think I've seen more "work" type boots such as some Alden 405 models with leather soles. I would think that they would get destroyed in short order with water damaging them, unless one didn't wear them in usual work boot type places Am I way off on this? The Alden ultimate Indy boots have a commando sole which is a leather sole with...
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