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Quote: Originally Posted by romafan i like the adirondack kulfi-pistachio cardamom.... That's really good. But I think they are using too many pistachios.
Copenhagan I think it's only available in Australia but that is really good. Dolcezzz in dc il labortorio del gelato or however you spell it is good the ice cream in the dining halls of umd college park is really good. Apparently it's not FDA approved due to it's rally high fat content
If you want something trendy look no further than Rick Owens or forum memer socal2nyc for inspiration. Of course you'll need to look elsewhere next season because by then they'll be put of style.
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician ctrl alt elite, me, sqs4u, jodum5 nice dj! Are y'all at sousi's?
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC When you get home do you take off your pants and jacket? Youre so clever! Instead of fashion jesus they should start calling you boy genius!
Message member socal2nyc he would know most likely goodluck
Saw them in concert tonight. A folk rock band from England. They are really damn good. Look them up...
Quote: Originally Posted by track309 Decided to have a healthier meal to lose some weight. Chicken Kabob plate and falafel GONE! hummus and falafel are not healthy foods
Quote: Originally Posted by constant struggle tony lukes Nice had that last week pats and geno is wack wogies in NYC owned by some guy from Philly is better than anything I've had in Philly
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