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Great points, but hard to say what's gonna be obsolete in 10 years especially in Tech. There was a time Nokia had near monopoly on cell phones, billions of dollars in cash, yet today they are practically dead. 10 years ago where was aapl $7/share?
I don't mind small 5-8% moves or paper losses, but if it's like 10%+ I start thinking of things I coulda bought hehe. I know in the long run it doesn't matter, but still like to reduce risk when possible
No, no, prob but def shouldn't. yes, too casual also ugly.
It's not the right cut. should try to sell it instead of more tailoring. shirt is too tight too.
Nice. I'm too scared. I always sideline it for Big macro events. Would rather miss out on a little bit of profit over potential risk. I'll prob continue to add to my position. This rally's still got a ways to go, esp with no negative news on the horizon in the immediate future. I mean later possible downgrade, and people worrying about fiscal cliff/election or w/e and some profit taking.
No. Corp discount only works on full price and those everyday value (3/219 or w/e) but can't stack on sale/clearance items, and other events.Edit: well the exception would be the 15% or w/e to sign up for a BB card. that would stack with the corp discount. and f&F etc
I guess they did implement, The moment I saw that, bought a ton of BAC stock.
Fed tomorrow >.> am I the only one who thinks 1 bad job reports doesn't mean they are gonna bust out QE3? I think they might just do pretty much noothing and keep qe3 as a floor reassurance if the economy does go to shit they'll act. But with Europe in the short term fixed, markets at 4 year highs, and inflation going up they might not launch a QE3.
Hm German Court gives ESM the green light, but some conditions. Europe is so fucked up it's hard to understand anything though. Fed meeting concludes Thurs, and then we can be without macro news for hopefully a week or two.
New Posts  All Forums: