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yeah =\ fitz is always single vented.milano and regent have double vents
Don't think it's that big of a deal tbh. They will still take all legitimate returns.They are just trying to cut down on losses, fraud etc. Bottom line they are still a business and need profit. Having worked retail during my college years, people can be quite disgusting.
Strange that appears to be an asian guy using scissors says it's all machine cut
try this thread for a better response...
details on sport coat?
I heard the same about last year XDI think the concept behind Black Fleece was to have a new designer be rotated in every year, or several years. I'd be interested to see what direction a new designer would take.I've really liked the offerings in the last 2 years of the regular BB stuff. Things are slimming down, being a little younger and more fresh than the stuff old BB
Scary to short AAPL. Like in your example MSFT, it only fell 50% from it's peak. but irrationality is a crazy thing, if the economy starts to recover and people start buying stocks etc, who knows what AAPL could go up to. Kind of like Whitney Tilson, who had the balls to short NFLX. He was correct, but he went in at like $100 something, only to see nflx go to $300 before it finally collapsed. If you really wanna short, best to not be a hero, and short it on the decline.
Looks kinda like a stalker pic
just out of curiosity, does it matter if it's fake? If it's a pattern that you like, and of the same quality
typically if you need some sooner rather than later for fall and winter coming up. Also seasonal things in harder to find sizes that sell out toward the end of season. However if you are good on clothing for the near future, and are looking for more of a good deal to snipe, better sales come up later in the season, and also when they have like preferred customer sale, where you can stack it with clearance items from the previous season you get snipe good deals for the next...
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