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Totally Necro'd this thread. But was reading up on business casual What is the woman to the left wearing?
gonna pick up the black one.Hope my size is in stock in november. I joined the no purchase club =\. i wonder if kent will hold it for me so i can have them and still be ok for the club
Am i reading this wrong? 2 years = 1/3 of life?
with endless breadsticks you could build a breadstick house over the data.
Can take a day trip down to mexico. Depending on where in San Diego you are, maybe 20-30 min to the border. Nunu's is a pretty cool dive bar. I only been there once though. drinks were cheap and strong. The casbah's kinda cool too. was there only once for like an hour. Pacific beach has a lot of 20's olds many from college UCSD/SDSU. drinks are kind of weak though. Other than that, Gaslamp as Xericx said.
good price too. Damn just joined the no purchase club, might have to purchase one
I'll try again. I'll prob fail, but at least I hope i can minimize spending, or delay purchasing.
I feel kind of bad for Cam Newton. He really is talented but everyone seems to blame him for the panthers losing, when for the most part his offense has performed. The Carolina defense on the other hand sucks.
I have gum/breath mints in my drawer 1 legal pad 1 pen other than that dual monitors, keyboard, mouse, phone.
Similar experience for me coming out of college (job in tech though). I went to a good public school, got a job at a big tech company in the Bay Area, had a decent amount of experience with the product, and other's on my team had 5+ years of exp and a degree from an ok public school. Our manager just had a degree from an ivy league with no other experience. Similarly all most new hires from ivy leagues started at entry level management over people who have experience but...
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