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he has the right to be annoyed. you asked for help, he went out of his way to help you. Then you ignore all his advice and everyone else's on how to actually get a job with an endless list of excuses.Here are the facts:the economy is not great. The job market is certainly better than 3 years ago, but not to the point where you can be very picky esp when you have little job experience and a fresh grad. you have no leverage.You will need to talk to people in your job. Even...
gardening is pretty easy. you throw a hundred seeds into the ground, and water it. unfortunately everything ripens about the same time. and with no fridge it's gonna suck. Also the lack of running water, shower, toilet, toilet paper, and hand soap is what deters me from such a life style. Also manual labor. and abundance of bugs,
out of curiosity how come you put your tie asymmetrical and popping out to the right?is it a south thing?
all the pics keep listing people as if they are a household name. who are all these people? also why does it all fit like shit?
I like it The wide peaks were too wide for me. these are perfect(except the retail price of course )
Check the IB thread for more on Investment banking advice.Retail banking is always hiring esp mortgage banking. A loan officer (sales) is pretty easy if you want to venture out of your comfort zone and get some sales experience. Commission, but easy in the current environment. With mortgage rates at record lows, also low priced homes and foreclosures, it's pretty easy to get purchases. Even easier is refinances, esp for the underwater people. With Obama, you can refinance...
how do you know you want to go into publishing if you haven't done any internships or had experience in publishing?
What differentiates you from other places? Also how do you address the self-measure dilemma? If you look at the monstrosities that are posted daily on the forum and that's people on the forum who like clothing. There's a large % of people who purchase but don't post.
for the big guys to hedge their positions and protect their profits For the retail investor though, they can play flag football without the helmet
New Posts  All Forums: