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It's better this way, IMO more exciting. it's not just the same teams going to the playoffs, going like 14-2 or 13-3 w/e
season of suprises when "elite" teams are losing or barely scraping by against mediocre/scrub teams.
A lot of people don't want to say where they got it because the person asking could just go pick it up from the source than from the ebayer, or even worse, become another competitor.
what he said
wall street 2 hey mikedt is that you?
i think the same on the break. Also maybe a slight taper.Normally don't like lapels on vest, but this is quite nice.Did you just dump a dead body in the woods?
True.I have this bad habit of forgetting not everyone lives in the same great weather/environment that I do.
Most people don't do well in interviews. It's a strange environment with a complete stranger judging you. I myself struggle with networking, interviewing, etc. It doesn't come second nature to me, so I can understand you're feeling. But keep in mind: When money is going out and nothing is coming in, it will put pressure on you. Also as time passes and you haven't gotten a good offer, it'll put pressure on you too. Your mindset will be different which will also change...
he has the right to be annoyed. you asked for help, he went out of his way to help you. Then you ignore all his advice and everyone else's on how to actually get a job with an endless list of excuses.Here are the facts:the economy is not great. The job market is certainly better than 3 years ago, but not to the point where you can be very picky esp when you have little job experience and a fresh grad. you have no leverage.You will need to talk to people in your job. Even...
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