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sucks to be the old guy. they punch through zombie skulls and bone all day like jello, but hacking off that leg took a long time. i guess that's karma for cockblocking the kid.
just started watching.after i read that, that's all i could think of.I am also pretty sure i'd prefer a gunshot to the head than having my leg slowly hacked off by a tiny hatchet.
same.Also, to add a bit to Claghorn, you mean Chinese from China? or like Taiwan or Hong Kong
not only is shesuper annoyinga whoreterrible momterrible wifepregnant. during a zombie invasion. wtf.
there's only a handful of well liked rednecks, and he's near the top of the list.unfortunately honeyboo boo is prob up there too.
I don't think there's enough zombies to kill. Whatever remains of the living keep fighting and killing themselves.
What is wrong with people. In a mass zombie invasion, I'd never make a noise if I could help it.
ricks wife
I want lori to die.
Seahawks is one of the more underrated teams , who don't get enough attention(other than that GB game). and russell wilson's been doing pretty great for his rookie year. not explosive statwise or the publicity that andrew luck or rg3 gets, but the seahawksnot so great on fantasy though.
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