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cmg has had it rough esp after einhorn. missing earnings hasn't helped either. no position but It's always interesting to watch high p/e stocks
I like the color and the style of the last one. too small on him though.
Contact Sleven, see if he can find a pair in one of the stores.
Are my eyes f'd or is that midnight navy? Pretty cool!
I got just the Redwing boot a while back. Got to say not really a fan. Fits kind of wierd on my foot. It's tight in the middle which makes it hard to get my foot into the boot but also runs a little big everywhere else so it's also kind of loose. I typically wear a 9.5, and that's the size I got but def feel a 1/2 size big. Too bad my stupid dog chewed on the corner so I couldn't return or attempt to sell it.Also I think it looks kind of bulby.
Dont' want to repeat other's advise, but everyone has provided pretty solid stuff. Another thought is to the cost of the program. If you consider getting a job in the field and working for a couple years, most large companies have tuition reimbursement. For example my friend got a MBA while employed at Qualcomm "Reimbursement of up to $10,125 per calendar year for costs of tuition, books, and parking for courses toward a graduate or post-graduate degree" for a 2 or 3...
Man these 2 weeks went by really quick. managed to clear out some stuff from the closet on ebay, and have some more that haven't been listed. I have a window filled with tabs of stuff to purchase, but I think I can make it another 2 weeks. This is actually helping me from making a lot of mistake inpulse buys including some very questionable armani collezioni jackets from neiman(wtf was I thinking)
Nice! I've never heard of Chinese being offended by eye contact.
in walking dead, people are all already infected.when you die you turn into a zombie(unless you sustained massive brain injury). If you choke to death on a twinkie 15 miles from any zombie, you will come back as a zombie. The bites of zombies are deadly and spreads some poison that kills you. Then when you die you come back as a zombie. So at first they thought the bites turn people into zombies, but then they figured out that wasn't the case.
I like brunch buffet in Vegas. Do you hate brunch buffet in Vegas? Do they even serve lunch in Vegas on weekends? Anyways, I figure there's enough fat asses who wake up earlier who will go through any leftover nighttime food, that I don't have to worry about that. And i'm pretty sure leftover food would the least of my worries.
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