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bad weather for the most part.I wear the mainly for a more casual look. with tweeds, donegals, flannels and other winter weight stuff it looks pretty cool. The big thing I don't like them is, the loops on the back for helping you put on the boot. My pants always catch on them ~.~
honestly if I had bought it at $7/share in 2002 I'd have sold it by $41/share, if not earlier
http://www.mrporter.com/product/322677 I really like the look of this jacket. 70% wool 30% nylon though =\ $2k retail is a lot for a wool blend imo. or am i tripping and wool blend's are fine?
damnit failed again. I think i've failed every month
Don't people get tired of QE3 yet? so sick of reading about it. 1 bad job reports and everyone thinks QE3 is gonna happen. The fed's in a great position right now. by not implementing QE3 they provide some stability to the market because the thought of the Fed acting if things goes to shit calms people down. That's actually more beneficial to them than actually implementing it.
first game of the season, so I can understand committing some penalties. But all those pre-snap penalties ugh. 1 in 30 is a tall order.I don't like eli manning or the giants so it was nice seeing them lose
nice! pants are always needed. My little brother has a 28" waist and chicken legs. hard to find pants for him.Have too many shirts myself unfortunately. But getting measurements from him and will place an order probably early next week.
I remember that!! fuck should have listened.
oops you're right my badthought he was a wr for some reason. probably gonna be doing mostly special teams i guess or as you said trying to get by on the edges
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