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I thought that was a zombified shane chasing brad pitt on the roof top
also if your pants don't fit right and you have that crease put in, and want more alterations after the fact, ie you realize it's baggy and you want it slimmed the crease will be crooked and look funny
They should fire their m&a guys.wondering when google will give up on offers.
Bought this suit a couple months ago. Short story wore it once, but doesn't fit as well as I hoped, so my loss is your gain. $500 shipped ConUS Long story- Ordered 36R which is my size, the sales associate at the store or shipping guy, sliced through the suit when opening it, so they got me a 38r to tailor to fit. But still fits like a 38r and not a 36r...
Depends on what you want to do. Open up a bakery? an online store? For a more general as onepiece said, accounting is good. When you start off you'll prob have to do your own taxes, as you won't be able to hire a good accountant. you'll probably also take some basic business classes in the mix, which will give you a very general view, but still helpful, Programming/web design. No matter what business pretty much you'll need a website. Being able to do it yourself will...
prob M mail there. receive mail. done.
If you really like it, and have the funds go for it. I noticed BB has been cutting back a bit on inventory, also becoming more efficient. A lot of things sell out earlier in the season and don't make it to the end of the season where they do more significant price cuts.
that's very tight in the shoulders/chest
yes you can wear with jeans.
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